Saturday, January 7, 2012


明けおめ、明けおめ!Family, can you guys believe that its 2012! I no can believe it! Pretty crazy huh? Well, sorry for being late with my email, things have just been so busy for us lately that we had to move our P-day a little bit. But hey, being busy is always a good thing. Well, I now officially have my second Christmas/New Years in Japan under my belt now. What an accomplishment eh? Who would`ve thought that I would make it all the way to 2012?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So looking back at this week...I realized how much we partied (missionary appropriate of course)! We were able to go and hit up the zoo with members in our zone, have amazing dinner appointments with our beloved church members, a big sports taikai, and of course waking up at 4:00 in the morning to see the first sunrise of the New Year. And yes...we did have permission to do so! No, but really this week was a blast! Not only for all the awesome activities, but for all the spiritual moments that I was able to experience. This week was a great opportunity for me to look back and reflect on the past year and see all the things I was able to accomplish. Our stake president says it best "one of the greatest joys you can feel in your life is when you look back and realize how much you have grown." Its so true isn`t it?
It was really great because I was able to talk to a member in my zone who`s been struggling for the past bit and share a few of my experiences/things I had learned in the past year. It felt so good to reflect and simply testify about how if we work through trials and struggles, the Lord would help us. Man, this past year had been one of the most challenging experiences I`ve ever had but without a single doubt, the most rewarding. I couldn`t even explain all of the things that I had learned in the past year. I mean, one who doesn`t learn something out of the trials that the Lord gives them is a fool...granted, it was an extremely hard concept for me to understand as well. Its so amazing to see how the Lord blesses you on your mission. I would say two years is a small small price for what you get in return!
I was also able to thing about the time that I have left on my mission and the rest of the year. My companion and I were able to set New Years Resolutions with each other and it really helped me think about what I wanted to accomplish with my time left on the field as well as after. But, I don`t feel like typing them all...cause I`m lazy. Well, the point is that I have goals!
Well, anyways, its way good to hear from you guys! I hope your New Years was awesome and it was so good to talk to you guys on the phone. Oh and thanks to everyone who sent me Christmas wishes! Much appreciated! Anyways, I gotta go and do what misisonaries do now. Ok? Hope your doing okay Mom, I`ll be praying for your health! Oh and are old. At least you`ll be able to get discounts at Ross for being 60! Okay, love you guys lots!
Elder Saito

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