Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sup 家族!
元気? Its so good to hear from all of you guys! Looks like there`s quite a bit going on over yonder. I can`t believe that Alisha had her baby already!!! I was way confused when I first opened my email Selena, but I`m way stoked for her. Tell her mucho luck with parenthood! Oh, by the way, you (Selena) and you (Richard) need to get on the parent train as well. Ya`ll need to follow the prophets words and hurry up and build the kingdom of, I wan`t to be an uncle by the end of this year!
Anyways, I`m still bewildered that Spohr is getting married. I`m way stoked that he`s decided not to get married until I came back from my mission though, I would be so angry if I missed out on another wedding! But, it`s all good. I`m sure that there will be more to come along the line. Oh, 話めちゃくちゃ変わるけど...keep me updated on what happens to the Giants in the NFL playoffs okay? That`s the only worldly thing that I`m concerned about right now, I promise.
Well, anyways. This week was absolutely amazing! I love being a leader because you get to serve and work with so many different sets of missionaries and I feel like every encounter I have with them becomes a good learning experience. So, I started the week off getting mild food poisoning and vomiting. In fact, it was the first recorded time that I`ve ever regurgitated on my mission! And what makes things better is that I had to go on a three day exchange with the Kitarokko elders on that exact same day because one of the missionaries up there was pretty sick and needed to rest as well. But, I felt that it was necessary that I had to go up there and work at that I sacrificed the morning and slept till noon. I felt so wamp (disobedient) cause I`ve never slept in that late on my mission before, but it was necessary or I probably would`ve died during that exchange. It was funny because I looked pretty pathetic when I woke up cause I was sleeping in my suit but after resting for a bit I felt much better. So we went ahead and followed through with the exchange. I am so thankful that I chose to go up to Kitarokko because the next few days with Elder Wilcox were full with miracles and great teaching/learning experiences! I mean, only the first night was terrible on my body but I got much better by the next day. But seriously, just getting out and working with the Spirit produces so many miracles. Elder Wilcox just illuminates with the Spirit so we had people coming up and contacting us wanting to come to church. I`m telling you, it was a great learning experience for the both of us and I think the Lord compensated for my weakness.
Yup, so most of my week consisted of me working and building other areas. I love just going out and about into other areas and just seeing miracles with younger missionaries. Its GREEAAATTTT! Yeah, I had a long talk with President during interviews about the rest of my mission and what I want to do/accomplish with my time here and he`s thinking of possibly getting me the traveling AP`s job on my last few transfers. That would be my dream! But you know, I`ll go where the Lord wants me to go. Whatever He needs me to do you know? Anyways, transfers are coming up pretty quickly too...looks like I`m on my last sprint of my mission. Can`t get lazy!
Well, all in all, this week was a great learning experience for me. I`m grateful for everything the Lord allowed me to experience! Oh, and just to add on to this great week, Brother Yoshida is now an official Aaronic Priesthood holder! He`ll be fulfilling his responsibility by passing the sacrament in now time. I love that guy so much!
Yes sir, I need to get going now. Thanks for all the emails you guys! 愛してるぜ―!!! I hope your week is great!
Mucho amor,
Elder Saito


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