Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hola Familia,
Well, here I am, typing on this computer with my mind blown with all of the things that had happened in the past week. I literally don`t know where to start. So, I guess I should just start somewhere. Yes sir, I am now officially being kicked out of Kobe and transferring to TOYOOKA!!! The great outdoor wonder in the
middle nowhere. I am so excited to go! Get this, its also snowing ridiculous amounts up there right the chances of me dying from the cold are pretty high. I joke, I joke. But its going to be so great because the zone is full of Japanese people and my companion is Japanese. First Japanese companion ever! Good old Elder Hasegawa. Yup, so I`ll still be a zone leader up there and I`m probably going to forget English...but it`s good. I`ve always wanted to be immersed in the culture and language of Japan and this will be my chance.

Anyways, I don`t have much time on the computer left. I`m going to go to the aquarium with the district for the last P day in Kobe!
I`m kinda of sad leaving Kobe though. My recent convert came calling this morning frantically asking me whats going to happen. I love that guy so much! He will definitely one of the things that I`ll miss the most about Kobe. I kind of realized I`m gonna be leaving quite a lot in Kobe when I transfer out. I mean, we even found a Peruvian family this past Friday. Oh yeah Dad, I taught the Restoration in Spanish! Six years of studying finally came in handy. Okay, well I have another crazy experience! So turns out that other Peruvian investigator we were visiting was actually a member who`s been less active for a while. But its amazing because he still kept in touch with the missionary who baptized him...and turns out his missionary actually knows Luis Cardenas very well! Small world huh? So, long story short, Alberto (less active`s name) is now on his first steps to becoming active. He even wants to convert his wife who`ll be coming to Japan next month and get married in the temple!
There were so many miracles this week! It was so great, part member `s husbands taking steps toward baptism, Chinese people, Peruvian families and guitars.
Okay, love you.
Elder Saito

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