Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dear Beloved Family,

I can`t believe that everything is coming to an end...this is going to be my last call on my mission. Also, this Wednesday is going to be my last zone conference so I will be giving my dying testimony. I`m honestly scared beyond reasoning because I never thought in a million years this day would actually come. I don`t know how to explain it...I have so many mixed feelings running through me right now, but I`ll try my best to express them over the phone next Monday.

Anyways, can`t be moping around about not having enough time. I can still see many miracles with the time that I`ve been blessed to work with! Great men seek for opportunities, not time. I`m telling you, you don`t need time to see miracles. All you need is faith and works and the Lord will provide the rest. For example, we had an amazing miracle this past week. Our recent convert who went to jail recently was released this past week! The best part about it is he kept his faith strong while he was in prison and he read the Book of Mormon and the Bible everyday. As a result, his cell mate noticed his faith and showed a lot of interest in the church and the gospel. And last Sunday, he came to church with our recent convert, loved the experience and now is currently working towards baptism! I swear, you work your tail off in Toyooka and right when you think nothing comes out of your efforts, the Lord provides. It was an extremely faith building experience I tell you!

Well, I don`t know what`ll happen with these next two months but lets expect miracles! Just like Nephi and building a boat. If God had command me to do all things I could do them! We just need to have enough faith to trust that the Lord knows what he is doing. Please, if you can, continue praying for our investigators as well as the members within the Fukuchiyama zone. This is a time of trial and I think if we can get out of this, we`ll be able to see miracles unfold in front of us!

God lives. I know He does. I can just feel it as I gaze through miles and miles of rice patties or look at the formations of the mountains here in Toyooka. I can recognize all of the times I`ve seen His hand in the work throughout my mission. I can feel His love and influences through all of the bonds and friendships that I`ve created on my mission. Now its my duty to savor these things and go and preach these truths to all my brothers and sisters in Toyooka.

Well, I gotta go now. Can`t keep my companion waiting for much longer. Know that I love you guys! I`m excited to talk to you guys this next Monday.
Oh by the way, I`ll probably be spending some money buying protein this week. I`ve lost 4kilos here in Toyooka and I need to gain them back! Thank you!!!

Elder Saito



Hey Family,

Well here it is, my final two transfers out in the field. Like you all know, I`ve got myself a new son! Elder Shinohara from Sendai! Actually, he`s from Shizuoka but he is seriously the best thing that has happened to me since who knows what. I seriously love this kid with all my heart! He`s a way talented missionary and it feels like he`s already a zone leader worthy so it helps me out a lot while I`m fulfilling the role of a single zone leader.

Honestly, I don`t really have time to write much because I need to jump on a bus to this will be extremely short. Just know that your son/little brother is alive and well in Toyooka. I`ve become very accustom to Toyooka, I already know more than half of the people in the town. I guess thats just what happens when you stay in an area for longer than two transfers. But I know that the Lord had left me in Toyooka and paired me up with such a great missionary for a reason. I know that the Lord lives and knows each and every one of us very well...I was able to experience that very personally this past week.

Okay, I love you guys a bunch! Thanks for being awesome all the time!!!

Elder Saito


Hey Family,
Well, transfer calls just happened this morning. I would have to say, I`m very surprised at what happened. *Drum roll please*....I`ll be staying in Toyooka! bahahaha In fact, I`ll be training a new missionary while fulfilling the position of a zone leader! It`s nothing like I imagined...I totally thought that President Zinke would`ve kicked me out of the zone leader position by now but I guess not. I`m way excited though, I`ve always wanted to train on my last two but I never in a million years thought that I would be doing it in Toyooka. Now I`m literally the only one who`ll be running this zone, no zone leader companion to support me. Its a pretty big responsiblity! But its okay, no need to worry. The Lord knows my circumstance and there`s obviously a purpose that I stayed in Toyooka. I`m positive that He left me here not to fail, but to grow into the missionary He wants me to be. I guess its like, the Lord`s helping me out so I don`t slack off on my last two transfers. It was funny because President told me over the phone in his distinctive manly voice, "It`s alright Elder Saito. If anyone can do it, it`s you!" Well, it shows that President trusts me so I need to step up to the plate.
Well, I know that the next two transfers are going to include a lot of intense prayers, scripture study and plain hard work. I have learned the hard way that doing your own thing in Toyooka yields minimal results. I need to rely on the Lord and the Spirit more fully. I`ll be praying like it all depends on the Lord and working like it all depends on me. Be prepared parents, you may be picking me up in stretcher at the end of my mission cause I`m going to get to work now. haha I feel like I`ve been working hard for the past two transfers but I need to sacrifice more. Hopefully, I don`t end up killing my new missionary.
I wonder who my new missionary is gonna be? There are actually a few new missionaries coming in this transfer. A lot of people from my 同期 will be training this transfer. Oh yeah, Elder Burns finally made his way out of the mission home and he`ll be training in his bean area for his last two transfers. About time, he`s been in there forever. Elder Jindo will actually be training too...I kind of forgot where he was gonna go but yeah.
This next transfer should be a good one. I mean, we finally have a branch president called after a month`s worth of having no real branch presidency so the work should start picking up. Life would be great if we had a ward mission leader as well but we need to learn how to work with what we got. Whatever the circumstance, we must expect miracles! Its so important to understand that most of missionary work is mental. Need to imagine success first then do everything you possibly can to achieve it. Doubt and fear will hinder your progression forward and making excuses will keep your running in circles. I must be stronger, the missionaries in my zone must be stronger, the members in this branch must be stronger. Gotta give it all.
Please continue praying for the elect here in Toyooka so they may be led to us or so that we may be led to them. Thanks for everything you guys do! I love ya
Mucho amor,
Elder Saito