Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hey hey hey family,

So I actually don`t have much time to write you guys cause we`re going to Amanohashidate in a bit. For those who don`t know what that is...well, I`ll send pictures next week. haha But I`m way excited to hear back from you guys! I can`t believe how quickly this week went by but we were SO BLESSED! I need to update you with everything that had happened.

But first off, I got my final transfer call of my mission. I`ll be doing a special assignment for my last transfer...which is exactly what I`ve been doing for the past transfer. Single zone leader/trainer again! Whoot! I`m way excited for this next transfer, especially because I`ll be with my beloved Elder Shinohara. Its always good when you`ve got a son who is on dendo fire!

Our little miracle of the week...well, I don`t have too much time to write all the small details but our thirteen year old investigator totally turned around earlier this week and told us that she`d been thinking about it a lot wants to be baptized! It totally caught both Elder Shinohara and I off guard! If all things go well, she should be going through this month. There are still a few things we need to finish up before it goes through, but it looks pretty good. The parents gave the okay to her, but we need to actually go and talk to them first before we can jump to conclusions. Please keep up the prayers for her! She is way awesome! I`ve learned so much in this past week about the concept of patience and accepting the Lord`s will. Sometimes you just need to let go of a few things and take a step of faith in the dark while trusting that the Lord would guide you where you need to go.

Well, there is a lot of planning that we need to do for the baptismal service! Gotta get to work! Sorry for the short email...but I wanna go to AMANOHASHIDATE!!!

Love you,
Elder Saito


Hey family,
How`s it going? Its good to hear from all of you!
Things over here have been going well. I do have to admit, there has been a lot running through my head lately but I think that`s just natural for an old missionary like myself. I think I was able to learn a lot about myself as I`ve worked over here in Toyooka. Learned a lot about myself, my testimony and the importance of others and their salvation. Isn`t it wonderful how the Lord always provides learning experiences for his servants? There`s still a higher plane of a missionary that I need to step up to and I realize it more and more everyday...if that made any sense. It probably didn`t, I`m just going insane.
Well, its starting to look a lot like summer over here. You know you`ve been in an area for a while when you see -1C and then a big ole 30C on the thermometer four months later. We`ll see how blazing hot it can get over here! I`m excited. We had a lesson with one of our investigators yesterday in the blazing hot sun. We were about to melt out there in the hot hot heat! Oh yeah, this investigator is way awesome btw! Her name is Sister Kawagoe and she has a strong desire to be cleansed from her past mistakes and change as a person...but her parents are against her going to church or being baptized. AH!, hantai families are so frustrating...but its an obstacle that we need to overcome to help her come unto Christ. But you know as Elder Jeffery R Holland says best "salvation is not a cheap experience." It never was and never will be. We just need to help strengthen her faith so she can stand up for what she believes and what she wants!
Other than that, things have been going Toyooka speed. You know you`re in the country when your pass time activites while waiting for investigators is going out into the rice fields catching frogs and lizards. I love Toyooka`s nature, it makes me feel like a child just running around in the wilderness. Its also awesome when your companion is the best person on the planet! Gotta love this work.
Anyways, I need to go and catch a bus to Kobe now. Got another Zone Leader Council to attend to! Thanks for all that you guys do, I love ya!!!
Elder Saito



Hey family,

Wow, I can`t believe its already been a week since I last talked to you over the phone! Way quick, but this week was a good one for us over here in Toyooka. But I am really glad to hear that all of you guys are doing well. Know that I`m praying for all of ya!

Goodness gracious, it baffles me to think that May is almost over! I`ve been doing my best not worrying about time and just working but it always catches me off guard when P-day rolls around and I`m emailing you guys. Maybe I should just not email you guys from now on! ahaha I kid, I kid. But I`ve learned from experience that you don`t need time to start succeeding or changing yourself. All you need is faith, desire, commitment and the will to attack all opportunities that come before you.

The work is moving forward here in Toyooka. It may not be in large or dramatic scales but I know that it is indeed moving forward. Toyooka is a place where you can`t just use brute force or skill to produce results, I`ve learned that the hard way. But I know that the key to success in areas like this is patient but persistent work. Small, insignificant acts can produce great results in the long run. Just like how sand thats blown in the wind can shape canyons all the way down to the smallest crevasses can. I know that my work here won`t be fruit-less. But I did have a very spiritual experience this past week. After a long prayer with the man upstairs, I think I`ve finally come to an understanding of why He kept me in Toyooka for this long. Its because there are people in this area that only I can influence and I`m going to do everything I can to help them come unto Christ.

Well, I`ve gotta go now! Oh yeah, I might buy a cheap suits if there are any at Aoyama or be careful bank account. haha

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Make this the best week ever, okay?

Mucho Love,
Elder Saito