Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello, hello, hello, hello we welcome you today!(hello)

Why hello family, how are you today?
Well, I would have to say another fine week on the other side of the world has now been recorded in my book of life. The "aftershocks" of お正月(New Years) is finally starting to die down and the normal dendo speed is starting up! Good thing, I swear I would of went クルクルぱあ (loco) if things didn`t start picking up anytime soon. It actually still hasn`t fully hit me that its the new year yet. I mean, there`s no snow on the ground so I automatically think that winter still hasn`t come...maybe its just a Utah thing. But don`t get me wrong, its still freezing cold outside! Anyways, the Kobe ward is good to their missionaries and we were blessed to have many dinner appointments throughout the week. I love Kobe ward!
Yes, I also had my second Christmas taikai this Monday and Zone Leader Council the next day as well. It was good because I was able to get to know a few of the younger missionaries throughout the mission. It is crazy, the mission is unbelievably young! I`m one of the dinosaurs of the mission now...but its all good because I feel that the mission is in good hands. I mean, my son (Elder Lythgoe) is seeing miracles in his new area as a district leader, so I have peace in mind to know that the mission wont plummet after my generation has left. I guess its just the circle of life, just at a faster speed now. But, during zone leader council I had an epiphany. I had the strongest feeling that rest of my mission will largely consist of me, training younger missionaries, so the can know how to get things done. Its not like I`m putting myself higher than any of them but a good amount of failures and successes will justify my desires. Things that I had learned from President McIntyre had helped my life out so much...that there`s now way that I wouldn`t share it to other missionaries! I know it could help them, I know it. Mainly because it helped me out so much as a younger missionary. I had a chance to go on a companion exchange with another missionary this week and it was an amazing experience. Usually on kokans I just get out the door and work asap...but I really felt strongly to just sit and talk with him for a little while. Turns out this missionary had been really struggling the past few weeks and wasn`t feeling the joy from the work. So, we took a good hour or so just talking openly to each other and I was able to share a bunch of experiences and stories that I had learned on my mission with him. After the kokan, my district leader gave me a call and asked me what I had done to his companion because he had changed and was just getting out their and working so hard. I feel so blessed to be able to serve my fellow missionaries as a zone leader. I think that its really teaching me things that will help me later on in my life! Anywho, its really interesting to have had two mission presidents. Their ways of teaching and running a mission are much different from one another but you can learn so much from each of them. I have a feeling that the Lord had specially placed me in between these two men so I could learn and benefit as much as possible. President McIntyre had taught me how to work and get things done. President Zinke is now teaching me to become humble and more reliant on the Spirit. Great combination I would say, I definitely needed both of them. Now I gotta continue teaching what I know to missionaries, members and investigators alike!
Hm, I don`t know what else to really write...this week was interesting though. I met very... intriguing dendo-ing this past week, but its all for experience. I love talking to strangers, you never know what can happen. Anyways, our recent convert, 吉田兄弟 is doing wonderful! He`ll be getting the Aaronic priesthood next week and he`ll be able to pass the sacrament in no time. My goodness, and this guy`s understanding of the Book of Mormon is ridiculous! He didn`t have much to do during the he read the Book of Mormon. Read itて言うか...destroyed it. He`s already finished with third Nephi! Its pretty insane, I`ve never seen such an avid reader, not even in some fully active members either. Great example, I`m telling you. And its way crazy because he busts out verses out of the Book of Mormon and it becomes the subject of the lesson every time. It`d be way embarrassing to let him know that the first time I`d ever finished the Book of Mormon was a week into the MTC!!! haha But whatever, I seriously love this guy. My next goal for him is to get him married in the temple! DO IT YOSHIDA!
Anywho, life is good. I`m getting old, but who isn`t? Can`t wait to tear it up in Kobe again! Thanks for all the emails by the way, I really appreciate hearing from all of you! HAVE A GREEEEAAAAATTTTT week okay? Love you lots.
Con amor,
Elder Saito

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