Sunday, January 22, 2012


Buenos dias mi familia,

Como estan? Estoy bien aqui en Japon. Well, that's about all I can do with my six years of Spanish. But, it`s gonna come in handy this upcoming week because we`re gonna be teaching two awesome Peruvian guys who just showed up to church yesterday. Let me ask you, what is better than people show up to church wanting to learn about the restored gospel? Anyways, just thought that I would inform you Dad. Spanish and Portuguese are actually very useful over here, who would`ve thought?

Well, another fantastic week well spent in my beloved Kobe. This week was wonderful, mainly for the fact that we had the whole week to just go out and work. No meetings, no conferences, no distractions, nada. It felt so refreshing to get out there and spread the gospel to my brethren. I also feel like I learn the most when I`m teaching pure and simple doctrine and testifying within lessons. Its always interesting to have a few of those "tuffer" investigators who have deep doctrinal concerns and doubts. I`m sure any missionary understands what I mean. Not those who do not accept invitations to accept the gospel plainly on ignorance or stubbornness, but those who do have genuine concerns for the welfare of their souls and those who do want to find the truth. Granted, teaching those who are completely ready for the gospel and accept all your commitments is one thing, but those who do have the concerns and the doubts whom overcome them through earnest prayer always seem to have strong testimonies. Why? Because they felt/feel the Spirit within their lives. You can argue and deny doctrine, philosophy, theology for hours on end and not get anywhere. I know, I`ve done that plenty of times throughout my mission. But nobody can ignore the powerful influence of the Spirit testifying truth. Those who say they don`t feel anything when they pray or read out of the Book of Mormon simply do not recognize the soft, whispering promptings of the Holy Spirit that the Lord is giving to them. And I feel that that`s the only way somebody can truly convert to the gospel. I mean, its written in Doctrine and Covenants section 50 as well. We teach through the power of the Spirit which helps us teach truth and our investigators accept it through the Spirit. And by doing this, both can rejoice by the enlightenment that is brought forth but, if its done any other way, it is not of God. Arguing and trying to persuade people is not the correct way. You might be able to lead someone to baptism, but that`ts not true conversion. Plus, I don`t even have enough knowledge about the gospel to be able to persuade anyone.
Uh, anyways. Sorry for ranting. This came into my head because I had a deep lesson with one of our investigators who has a lot of doctrinal doubts. He has the mindset that all roads lead to truth and if anyone takes a road, doesn`t matter which road, he`ll be saved. This guy can argue for I just told him to pray about it. That should resolve everything.
Anyways, I`m going to go now. I want to go and make more songs on my guitar with Elder Meyer and Burns. Thanks for everything you guys! I LOVE YOU!!!
Mucho amor,
Elder Saito

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