Sunday, February 5, 2012


Dearest Family,
Well, here I am in the local recreational center in the little city of Toyooka, writing you guys another email. I love this little city! You want to know how Toyooka is? Well, imagine Payson, Utah with a lot of rice patties all over the place, then you got Toyooka. Its great I`m telling you.
Anyways, it`s way good to hear from you guys! Things have been incredibly busy lately but its so good to hear from you guys. Sweet, I`m glad the package reached Obachan. I was worried that I messed something up because I was in such a rush to send it off. Everything inside of that package is way important because its full of things that my recent converts, investigators and members gave to me on my if I did happen to miss place that I would be destroyed! Anyways, I`m glad its safe and sound in Obachan`s house now.
Well, I`m not really surprised that Spohr isn`t going to wait for me to come back from my mission before he gets married. That punk. Oh well, I`ll be sure to give him a good kidney punch when I get home. Oh yeah, Elder Jindo was telling me how his sister`s going to UVU. Yup, he`s my doki, love that kid to death. I`m actually going to be traveling back to Kobe later tonight for ZLC so I`ll be sure to tell him about that.
As for Toyooka, I am in love! This place is exactly what I wanted for my last few transfers in the field. Its like my mission retirement home, where I`ll spend rest of my time finding the elect and seeing miracles in the middle of nowhere. I`ve heard stories about this place from Elder Hinton and Elder Burns so I pretty much already knew the whole area before I transferred in. The best part about it is that my companion is Elder Hasegawa! I finally have a Japanese companion! I never thought that this day would come...but it did. And its great because everything, and I mean everything is now in Japanese. By the end of this transfer I will rid my self of this gaijin (foreigner) accent and be able to write kanji like its no one`s business. Life is good.
Well, transfer know what, this whole week was pretty crazy. The day I transferred into Toyooka happened to be the day where a huge snow storm hit the Japan sea side, resulting in trains not being able to run for hours. It was interesting because we were riding through Kobe and Himeji and it was perfectly fine weather...but once we started going up north everything just turned white. The train actually couldn`t go further than Wadayama so we had to sit and wait for a member to come pick us up. In the end, a two hour trip ended up becoming six hours. Its so crazy how much it snowed over here, I mean the roof of our garage in front of the house collapsed the other day because of the all of the snow that accumulated on top! Most of the week consisted of shoveling snow, lots of snow...and dendoing at the same time. A very interesting combination. Anyways, riding bikes over here in the snow makes me feel like I`m doing Tokyo drift all the time. Its quite the adventure, but lets hope I don`t die. That would be quite unfortunate, I want to at least finish my mission before I die.
Anyways, this area is great. Working with pretty strong investigators with a great companion, what else could I ask for? And the nature over here is just breathtaking! I feel like I`m snow camping in Utah again. Hopefully I`ll be able to stay here to see all the snow melt and the rice fields to start growing in. Life is good.
Well, I`m going to go now. I`ll be sure to pray for Obachan`s health and that Richard can get into Utah! Hope you guys have an AWESOME week!
Oh yes, and go GIANTS!!!
Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito

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