Sunday, February 19, 2012



There is Shakira`s hit single, "Hips Don`t Lie" streaming through the speakers of our local gym where we email. Yes, random fact of the day.

Anyways, how are you family? Selena, I can`t believe you finally put on your big girl pants and moved out...40 minutes away from Mom and Dad! I joke, I joke. But that's way awesome you found a good apartment up in Salt Lake, now you can get yourself to work much easier. Now we must offer up our prayers for Richard so he can sneak his way into the U. As for me...well, I`m not too sure of what I want to do for a career yet. But, I still know that its gonna be in the medical field for sure. I`m still considering Physicians Assistant, but maybe I`ll shoot for the stars and go for Oral Surgery. I don`t know, I don`t know, I don`t know. Iz still gots four months to not think about it too much. Maybe I`ll just teach English over here in Japan...not.

Well, looks like it "snowed" in Utah this past week. Ha! I laugh at you! You don`t know what a snow storm is until you come to Toyooka!

I`ll tell you what a real snow storm is:
A snow storm is,
when you wake up in the morning and you have to search for your bike that's buried in the snow.
when you have to thaw your bike with hot water so you can turn your tires and change gears.
when you are shoveling in the parking lot of the church and then five minutes later there`s exactly the same amount of snow laying on the ground.
when you are riding a bike and all you can see is white and the silhouette of your companion riding in front of you.

Those are just a few examples of a real snow storm. But no worries, I`m having a blast! I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go out in that kind of weather. I don`t know why, maybe because I`m still twenty...and young! Eternal youth I tell you.

Well, this week was another great learning experience for me. You`re right Mom, it was a great blessing that I was sent here to Toyooka for my last few transfers. I have realized that there is still so much for me to learn on my mission and I think the Lord understood that very well, that`s why I`m here in Toyooka. Its so interesting to think of all of the possible ways the Lord teaches you lessons. Sometimes its through the Spirit. Other times, its through people around you and the experiences you have. The pains and the disappointments. The joy of the gospel and witnessing of miracles. Whatever the method, its our responsibility to see what the Lord is trying to teach us. I`ve definitely learned a lot in the past three weeks here in Toyooka. I feel like I`ve finally been able to open my eyes a little bit and realize that this work is more than I can ever comprehend. I`m out here to help mend broken families and to lead individuals out of forbidden paths and back on to the straight and narrow through preaching the Gospel of Christ and repentance. Its not for my own self-satisfaction or recognition, but for the salvation of others. So, when trouble does come up, I need to understand people`s circumstances and listen to all of their desires and fears instead of just moving at my own pace. It`s a shame that it took me a year and a half to finally start understanding this, but I`m so grateful that I`m learning. Better late then never you know?

Well, there`s a big work for me to do here in Toyooka but I know that the Lord`s gonna help me as long as I work hard and with the Spirit. Ganbarushikanaizo!

Okay, hopefully you guys are doing greeeeaaaatttttt! Keep up the good work over there on your side of the planet okay? Hope you guys have a great week! I`ll pray for you Richard! (and everyone else of course)

Mucho amor,
Elder Saito

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