Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello family,

Hey, thanks for all the emails you guys! Pleasure to hear from you all of you guys.
Anyways, thanks for making me feel even more gross talking about signing up for school Dad. I'll be sure to pray and figure out what exactly I want to do with my life. The first semester will probably be a bunch of general education classes...but who knows? Lets see, I still want to continue my major with PDBio but I do want to throw in Japanese and Spanish. Maybe I'll take psychology or chemistry...NO! NO! NO!!! I shall not think about it until it is absolutely necessary! Remind me again sometime around the middle of November so I don't become lazy.

So, I'm extremely distracted...again. I swear, its so hard to email over here in Kobe because there are always things going on over here. Ugh, time also goes so fast over here in God's door. Can you believe that this transfer is already over?! week that is, but this transfer has literally been the fastest transfer ever. I'm going to be on transfer 11 next week! Seriously, I can't even remember what had happened this last transfer because things have been so hectic. Oh well, I guess that's life. I bet its the leadership positions that is draining all of my time! All the meetings, training, companion exchanges and emergencies are time bandits. Way effective and needed , but time bandits none the less. Hopefully, for my last few transfers I can go and settle down in some way inaka area helping out. But, I don't need to care about those things because I need to fulfill my responsibility in the area that the Lord sent me to now.

I don't know, this transfer had been really interesting for me. I mean, granted we did see success, but I still feel like this transfer was more for me to learn an important lesson. These last few weeks have been such an eye opener for me. With a combination of the Elder Ringwood mission tour, President's interviews and other important factors, I've found myself pondering rather deeply of how missionary work really affects people in an eternal perspective. Missionaries, members and investigators are all effected by the work that is done in the world right now. I mean, my life definitely has changed! I've realized that there are things I still need to learn and apply before my time is up; so many things. It was a good wake up call for me!

Well, there's only one computer...and my companion is whining so I'll let him email now. This week has been great, our beloved office elders finally saw a baptism this past day!!! Awesome huh? His name's Yamada and he is the BOSS. Literally, they boss.

Anywho, Love you bunch!

Elder Saito

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