Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey family,
First of all...RICHARD! THAT BETTER NOT BE MY KEY HOLDER YOU GOT STRAPPED AROUND YOUR NECK SON! I saw the pictures, I saw the proof, I`ll get you back if that is the case.
Haha well anyways, how are all of you this fine Monday afternoon? (or whatever time it may be over yonder) I actually got the letter this week! Its great because I now get mail a lot faster then I used to because I`m in the honbu and I don`t have to wait for the office elders to send it off to me anymore. Huzzah! Thanks so much, I really appreciated hearing from all of you. I especially enjoyed the wonderful drawings done by the Grandview 16th ward primary of me getting devoured by sharks. I loved it all, I need to hurry up and write them all back.
Can I just tell you that Kobe is just amazing? I swear, its a circus everyday and it always feels like we`re always running around having to do errands and shtuff but somehow we still get work done. I know for sure that the Lord provides a way for missionaries to fulfill their purpose just as long as they forget themselves and put their shoulder to the wheel! Its amazing to look back and see how much success the Lord had granted for us to see in the past few weeks. I mean, we went from having next to nothing at the beginning of the transfer to a nice pool of investigators and two people working towards baptism. And the crazy part is that Elder Meyer and I only had a limited amount of time to go out and dendo. I tell you, this is the Lord`s work for sure. There is no way a 19 to 21 year old pair of kids (from America) can accomplish things like this. Its so great, I love it. The only downfall of Kobe is that...time literally gets sucked into a blackhole. Ok, so this is a rundown of a usual day for me. I wake up, then a blur of spreading the gospel and running around...then I go to sleep. I mean, I`ve already starting my third week of the transfer but I feel like I just barely transferred in! GAH!!! What is happening to my mission? Thats why I was hesitant at first to transfer out of Takamatsu because I knew my mission would jump into warp speed! Bleah, but I can`t complain. The Lord gave me this specific two year period to work with all of my heart, mind and strength so I can`t be wasting time worrying about my time dwindling away.
Anyway, life is good, and so was conference! I`m sure that everyone can agree that this month`s conference was flat out amazing, correct? Correct. Gotta love it, everyone`s talks were very inspirational and actually very bold/direct. I think its just what all of us needed to hear. Oh my goodness, I can`t believe they`re going to be making another temple over there in Provo! That's two temples in lesson then a mile radius...they should`ve just saved the money and made a temple over here in Kobe instead...I joke, I joke. That's so great though, nothing better then the house of the Lord being built in divers parts of the world. Anywho, what were all of your favorite talks? I loved them all, but the talks centered on missionary work seemed to have left the biggest impression on me. I mean, what can I say? I`m out here doing the exact thing that they are talking about! I loved our Japanese representative, Elder Yamashita`s talk about the work as well. It really dawned on me that the work I am doing right now can effective so many lives later on in this life. I mean, where would Elder Yamashita have been if there wasn`t missionary work in Japan? Better question, where would our whole family be if there weren`t angels spreading the goodnews in Japan? Its soooo goooodddd. I also loved Elder Waddell`s talk! Ah, there`s no way I`d write about all my favorite talks because there would be too much to write about and I am waaaayyyy to lazy to do so. So, I`ll just gather all of the parts I thought the Lord was trying to telling me.
1. Enjoy and work hard on the mission.
2. Work with the Spirit.
3. "Its better to look up."
4. Get married. Have a bajillion kids. Love my wife. (bahaha you hear that Selena and Richard?!)
Anyways, conference was GREEEAAATTTT! Well, gonna go and by myself a nice cheap suit now. Good ole suit jacket season is now in and I only have one suit left (All of them have be successfully destroyed by me) The depressing part about it is the suit I`m wearing right now doesn`t even belong to me. I picked it off of Elder Wiser`s "dead" body. Hopefully, Sir Prince of the God`s Door (神戸) Burns Choro can give me a ride on his golden Chariot of the Higher Priesthood (a Honda van) over to a cheap suit outlet. Well, I love all you guys! Work hard this week okay?
Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito

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