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Goodness gracious this week went flying buy didn`t it?! Thanks for all the emails by the way, its good to hear from all of ya again! So, things have been crazy just as usual. Seriously, this week consisted of me running around doing companion exchanges with elders in my zone...and the rest of it was sort of a blur.

Well, first off before I start anything, I should probably answer a few of your questions.

Question 1: Yes`m, I did find myself a comfortable suit...from the mission home.

Reason: So, all of the suits at Aoyama (popular suit store in Japan) and Haruyama (another popular suit store) where way too expensive! Like 150 ish. And all the suits that were on sale for 50-70 were all way too small for me! Actually, the waist fit me almost perfectly but my shoulders where waaaayyyyy too big to fit in those suits. Curse you American shoulders, there is no way I could fit in Japan. I cant even tell you how many times I`ve hit my head on door frames...but that's a different story. Plus, Japan is all about the "slim fit, cool biz" fashion...and all the suits that would fit me were far too expensive. I`ll probably just end up buying one at the end of my mission so I can look fly...ha, who am I kidding, I have no fashion sense.

So, I justified myself by rummaging through the mission home`s closet of unwanted apparel and goods on a kokan with my beloved Okinawan, Elder Gushiken. And to my surprise, I was able to find a suit that comfortably fits my awkwardly shaped body...according to Japanese standards that is. Thanks to a kind, generous elder who left behind a perfectly fine suit, I have a suit that will probably last me the rest of the winter! Ya! This suit is so thick though, I swear its bullet proof but whatever, beggars can`t be choosers.

Yeah, so that is how I resolved my lack of wearable suits problem. I do have another suit, Elder Wiser`s old one that is, but its alas, it is too small for my shoulders. Maybe I should just all together stop working out in the mornings, I think that would resolve my problems.

Question 2: Yes`m, I do need you guys to send me more long sleeve shirts.

I, for some odd reason, only can find two at this moment so it would be much appreciated. Oh, and you don`t need to buy me bigger ones or anything. 15 1/2 is still perfect for me. I really haven`t gotten that big, its just my fantastic gut that packs on the pounds. And as for other things...please don`t send anymore clothes or things that I can`t just leave at the end of my mission. My suitcase was a billion pounds last time I transferred and my suitcase actually kind of ripped because it was so compact. So...things like healthy nutritious fruit or protein bars could be useful? I don`t know, surprise me. Oh and pictures of coarse, there is nothing more that I love than pictures.

Question 3: Yes`m, the Yakuza actually live right in our neighborhood.

The Yamaguchi-so`s base is actually right next the the park that we go to every morning. Its a pretty big mansion with this huge gate and there are occasionally black vans with tinted windows parked in front of it. We`ve actually greeted a few of the Yakuza members while dendoing. Rumor has it that they`re really nice to missionaries just as long as you don`t do anything stupid around them. Rumor also has it that they`ll kidnap you with their black vans, tie you to a chair and threaten to kill you unless you deny Jesus Christ. (actual occurrence in Uwajima two years ago) There`s actually a smaller base that`s way close to the church as well...it has these high walls with cameras everywhere. Isn`t it so comforting knowing that the biggest Yakuza base in the Kansai region only three minutes away from the church? I find it quite amusing.

Anyways, I gotta go now. P-days are getting shorter and shorter since there are so many activities going on around us. Life is good in Kobe, it really is. Still trying to figure out specifically what direction the Lord wants us to go with this zone and this area. I shall seek revelation this week! Elder Ringwood, an area seventy, is actually visiting us this week so I shall inquire for inspiration from his wise words of wisdom. Oh yeah, I was supposed to translate the conference but...Elder Ringwood was smart and brought a professional translator from Tokyo with him. What eve!

Have an awesome week family!!! I love you so much!!!

Elder Saito

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