Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey family!

Well, I gotta tell you, its been quite another crazy week! Its been fast as usual, but that`s pretty much what I say in every email now-a-days. Oh yeah, thanks a bunch for the package...well suitcase by the way! I was way surprised, I didn`t think you would actually go through all of the work to send me a whole suitcase full of stuff. Yeah, its a wonderful feeling when you can say that you`re wearing something that actually belongs to you other than your garments. The white shirts are great, only problem is that the sleeves are a little shorter than usual but whateves, nobody actually cares when you`re a missionary. And the suit is sharp! I look like a Japanese business man prancing around in that stellar black suit. Its a good thing that I don`t need to look like a homeless person walking the streets of Kobe anymore. bahaha. Thanks mucho mucho!
Oh yeah, sorry for not writing Obachan back for a while. I`ve been so busy on P-day that I haven`t had any time to respond to anyone. But I`ll be sure to jump on to that ASAP. Seriously, Kobe just drains all of your time! But its all for a good cause. For example, we woke up today, got ready and jumped onto a 2 hour train ride to go teach an AWESOME young Chinese couple. Yeah that`s what I do on my preparation days, I teach the Elect. Seriously, this couple is the bomb! One of our members in our Gaijin (white-people) branch referred them and we taught them a bit of the Plan of Happiness yesterday. Man, they absolutely love the Plan of Happiness! Its amazing, we went over to the members house earlier today because its the only day that the couple can meet this week other than Sunday. We finished up the Plan of Happiness and they understood and accepted all of it! After we taught the Atonement, I asked whether they believe that they can be cleansed through Jesus Christ and they answered right of the bat, "Yes!" Ah, I love this couple so much! I tell ya, its awesome just being able teach and testify about eternal families and happiness. What better way to feel the spirit you know? Ah and it was a heart-melter when we had the husband pray at the end. He was praying in Chinese so we had no idea what he was saying but the wife started to tear up during the prayer. Turns out through out that during the prayer he was praying, thanking the Lord that he could be together with his wife for all eternity and how happy he is! Well, it is called the Plan of Happiness for a reason you know? I`m so excited for this couple, we`ve got them working towards baptism in the upcoming months and hopefully we can get them sealed in the temple too!
Well, Kobe is treating me well as you can tell. But wow, this transfer ended so darn quickly!!! So, I got my transfer call...and I`m being emergency transferred to Arkansas.
No, just kidding. I would cry! Twice! Nah, but I`m just gonna stay as a zone leader with good old Elder Meyer as my companion. I love that kid so much, we`re going to have another blast of a transfer. I just hope this one doesn`t go as fast as this last one did though! Seriously, time is going faster and faster. I blink, and I`ll be talking to you on Christmas day, conversing of all the classes I`ll be taking seven months later. Barf. I just try not to think about it! Time is literally my worst enemy right now. Curse you! I mean, its already been four years since I was playing football under Coach Pope and now he`s retired! Curses. Whatever, I`m not bitter that I`m getting old.
Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. I`m way stoked! This next transfer is gonna be full of miracles! I mean, we just barely got a referral from the sister missionaries. We gonna be teaching a Jamaican women! Whats better than being a Japanese-American teaching a Jamaican person about Jesus Christ and how His gospel has been restored in Kobe, Japan? That`s right, not much.
Well, I`ve gotta go and write some letters now. Thanks a bunch for everything! Oh yeah, Happy (late) Halloween! Please, please, please continue praying for the elect over here in Japan. They need your prayers! I`m good, no worries about me okay? Life is good.
Random fact of the day, this is how you say "My name is Elder Saito" in Chinese: Woshu Chetahn Jonglaou
Spelling is probably completely off...but whatever.
Mucho Amor!!!
Elder Saito

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