Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey, hey, hey,

Wow, my sister and my brother-in-law didn`t forsake me this week! Good job you two, good job. Holy cow, I can`t believe both Thanksgiving and Black Friday already passed by! ぜんぜん意識してなかった!That`s so ridiculous, what in the world happened to November. Well, I`m glad you guys were able to get some Black Friday shopping done. Did you guys go off and buy something new for the house? I remember when we spent a certain Black Friday in front of Old Navy waiting in line just so Richard could get some free Legos Starwars video game...dfksljjfdsajfkldsa

Oh yeah, and as for Christmas transfers chances are that I`m going to stay in Kobe. Mainly, because president doesn`t want that many people transferring in and out right before Christmas day. Which is good, I wouldn`t want to be transferred out just before Christmas and お正月(New Years) I would be terribly lonely! Nothing goes on during New Years in Japan because everybody goes and hibernates in their houses that time of year. So, the point is, you could probably send packages anytime.

Dad, I love how I don`t know anything about your life. Since when did you go on a European backpacking adventure in your mid-twenties? Garbage, how do I not know these things! Well, I do believe that we need to take a good road trip to New York or something after my mission so we can have a good amount of time to talk about your life. You too Mom, I don`t even know anything about you either. Plus, your conversion stories are good tools to use when we got certain investigators struggling about things. So yeah, get ready for a good old interrogation half a year from now, okay?

Anyways, this week was quick as usual. Oh yeah, Sister Funabiki was baptized yesterday! It was so great, I swear she is a super star! She testified a lot about missionary work and the concept of repentance during her testimony. Whats better than seeing an elect who`s heart had been prepared for ages to accept the gospel...and then is all gung-ho about going and spread the gospel to her family and friends after her baptism? Well, I had the honors to preform the baptism. It was a really good experience for me because I was able to really think deeply throughout the week about my responsibility of being a priesthood holder. I don`t know, especially after watching last conference I realized that I should probably try to realize the strength of the priesthood and how important it is within the whole big picture. I mean, that`s why the Restoration was so important! Not only because the gospel was restored, but the authority to perform everything that is necessary for salvation was. Yeah, it was a good opportunity for me to think things through again.

Well, other than that this week was pretty hectic running around the zone again. Oh, and we also had a zone conference earlier this week and President picked on me. During a presentation, he picked me out of the crowd and made me teach baptism in front of two zones. What made it worse was that he said "alright Elder Saito, now show us why you`re a zone leader!" right before the mogi. No pressure right? haha but no worries, I was able to teach it just fine. I mean, I`ve been teaching baptism for a whole year and a half now, I better be able to do it right? But no, it was all the Spirit teaching through me though. I swear, that's the best feeling. When you know the Spirit is teaching through you and the Lord is using you as a mouth piece. Cause I`ve felt times when I knew the Spirit wasn`t in the lesson...and it was painful! Anyways, life is good.

Okay well, I`m gonna go now. We need to go and get things done this P-day because President is pulling a barbecue party for all the zone leaders today before zone leader council. Gotta love that guy! Hope you guys have another awesome week!!!

I love ya!!! Peace.

Mucho Love,
Elder Saito

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