Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally. All caught up.

Dear family,


SELENA LOOKS LIKE A TYPICAL JAPANESE GIRL!!! bahaha Thanks so much for the picture dad! It looks like she should be wearing 征服(school girl uniform) and Richard...well, looks like Richard. I had a good three minute laugh after looking at those pictures. YAY she graduated!!! I is so happy! Thats so good though, Selena has finally been freed from finals and endless nights of study for the time being. Hows that internship thing going for her? are you guys?! It feels like I haven`t emailed you guys in forever! This was one crazy week I tell ya. But, that sounds great that Selena`s all graduated and you guys are still working hard. Mom, you can 頑張ってand get them finals done! Its the home stretch, then you can be walking the streets of Spain! How`s Richard by the way? Is he still working to be a murse? And as for Dad...well I`m not worried about Dad. He`s probably just happy as ever fulfilling his duty of feeding Rupert or walking the dogs. ahaha

Anyways, yeah...transfers happened this week. I is stay at Takamatsu! But, this time they made me into a zone leader. Ahaha there has to be some mistake there! But its not like it matters, zone leader or not, all of us missionaries have the same purpose. Being a zone leader does change that at all! But yeah, but my new companion is Elder Wiser! He`s gonna be training me to be a zone leader this transfer and I love this guy for real. Everyday is a party! Like a missionary-party...but a party none the less! He`s a stud from Virginia...but he`s not really from Virginia. He`s lived in places like Tokyo, Korea, Indonesia, and all over the states. So..he just claims that Virginia is where he`s really from. But its a party working with him! We`ve already been blessed with so many miracles in the past few days. Really, we baptized our investigators this past transfer and our teaching pool was really low earlier this week. We were...well atleast I was, in kind of panic we started the transfer off with a good prayer of faith, faith to find or be led to the elect and then next three days were absolutely a miracle! The Spirit really guided us and things just went so smoothly! We were just blessed in finding solid new investigators! Man, three days as a zone leader and I`ve already learned a bunch of amazing lessons! I can`t wait for more! Honestly, I learned that this is indeed the Lords work. There`s nothing more to it. If you just humble yourself and work your hardest, the Lord will provide so many ways for you to succeed. During transfers, a missionary said something to me that I really liked. "The Lord sends you to places so you can succeed. Failure will only come through your own efforts. God will never let you fail" Its so true! I`m so stoked for this upcoming transfer, I`m gonna work so hard to fulfill my responsibility as a zone leader and more importantly, as a messenger of the Lord.

So crazy things are going on in the mission! But my baby Burns 長老 is a daddy now! I`m so happy that he`s training! He is one stud of a missionary! He opened up Tooyoka! Transfers were so much fun though. Burns baby and I partied it up at Okayama for a night and it was AWESOME! Plus, one of my buddies from Tokyo mission was there too so it just added on to the fun. I love that Italian guy...

Anyways, life iz good. Its finally getting warm and the short sleeve 伝道 has begun! Let the summer of fun begin! ahaha yeah, so I hope you guys are happy! Have an awesome week you guys! Love ya! peace.

Mucho amor,
Elder Saito

PS. could you send me some floss and the blue hoop things that help you floss? I hope you know what that means...and if you could send some of those instant juice packet things that you pour into the water...that would be much appreciated as well.

Ok bye

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