Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2 weeks late

I'm running a little behind. I'll post up this week's email when my mom remembers to send it to me.

Hey hey hey!

Thanks a bunch for the email! Its sooo gooodddd to hear from you! Sounds like there`s some crazy things going on over in America. Alisha got married?! WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING MARRIED WHEN I`M ON MY MISSION?! I mean, Alisha, Allen, Cindy, Logan and even Jessie? Jessie didn`t even tell me she was getting married...ah I`m so left out. But then again I am on the otherside of the planet...haha

But thats so awesome that Alisha got married! Tell her congradulations and that I love her! And that she owes me dinner for gettin married without me there. I guess everyone else`s weddings are coming up soon aren`t they? Thats so insane! Time is going by so quickly. I mean...I can`t believe Matt and Calvin are already coming back. I probably said that last week too, my emails are probably the same things repeated over and over again. ahahah oh well.

Selena`s graduation is coming up!!! Whoot! Yeah she actually was able to graduate from BYU! I joke, I joke. She is cool. But yeah, please take a bunch of pictures of her graduation for me. Dis is big step for Chelena. Hopefully she can get a ganstah internship down in Springville or wherever. Are there any updates on that by the way? Well, whatever happens, I`m still prayin for her!

Uh yeah....this week was interesting. Pretty insane too. I started the week off great by breaking my bike during P-day! bahaha it broke in the most awesome way too. I was riding through an intersection when I suddenly heard a crack...then I heard this rubbing sound and my bike haulted in the middle of the intersections. I looked back and saw that my tire was bent at an awkward angle and was rubbing on the frame of the bike. So I pretty much sat in the middle of the intersections shouting "eh!" for a few minutes because I had no idea what was going on. I had to carry the bike on my shoulders to the closest bike shop for about 20 min in the rain. It was a fun experience. Then the bike shop person was super surprised that my bike broke that way...he said he`s never seen a tire like that before. That one part in the back of the bike where you put in into that other place broke. (it was all in Japanese and I don`t know how to translate it) So...in the end its going to take a while to fix. As of now, I`m using a mamachari, the heart and soul of Japan, to get around. So yeah...don`t be surprised when my bank account plummets at the end of the week. ahaha

Yeah my bike probably broke cause I`m debu. I mean, I was able to rip another pair of pants again this week. ahaha oh well.

Anyways, this week was intense. There`s some crazy things going on right now! I had my first interview with President in a really, really long time...and from the sounds of the interview, there`s going to be some big changes coming up this next week for transfers. I can`t tell you whats going on yet because its not concrete yet...but yeah, I can`t wait till Tuesday! I`ll be sure to update you on what happens though! There`s things I have to admit that I am concerned about, but there`s no point in letting that get to me you know? What Elder Spohr and I do when things don`t go as planned or go wrong is just sing Bob Marely. "Don`t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright." I do consider Marely to be a type of hymn...haha jk. But whatever happens, it is all the will of God. I trust that He knows what He`s doing so I`ll just play my part by working my hardest. There`s an awesome quote hanging in our apartment that I love. I`m pretty sure its President Hinckley but it says "Work like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on the Lord" (subete ga jibun ni izon shiteiru yooni hatarakinasai, soshite subete ga shu ni izon shiteiru yooni inorinasai) Isn`t that just ganster?! I love it!

Ahaha well dendo is fun, life is good. I`m sure things will work out with dendo and with our investigators! I gotta go now, I hope you guys are doing awesome! Thanks so much for everything you guys! I LOVE YOU! OKBYE.

Mucho Peace-o
Elder Saito

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  1. I love that quote!
    ha everyone is getting married! and I saw Selena's graduation video by Sam [CONGRATS!]