Sunday, April 3, 2011



Its good to hear from you family! Looks like it snowed a bunch over there in Utah. Has it always snowed that much in April? I can`t even remember anymore; its been so long since the I`ve experienced the weather of Utah! Anyways, how are you guys doing? Wait, are you guys going to go to Europe/Spain this upcoming Summer? If so thats dope! haha I feel like you guys were just barely planning to go yesterday!

SELENA`S GRADUATING ALREADY?! Wow, she`s turning into an obachan already isn`t she? eheheh...old. So she turned down the first job offer though huh? Ah but thats still awesome, that feeling must`ve been the Spirit working miracles! I bet the next job that comes up will be the perfect match for her! I`ll pray for her fosho fosho! I can`t believe the semester is almost over for you guys already! Time seems to be going by quickly over there. You guys are all going to be old by the time I come back from my mission! haha

Man, but I`m so jealous that you guys already got to listen to conference! Dang translation time...delaying General Conference by a week. But I`m so stoked for this up coming Sunday! Three of the main reasons being: General Conference, short sleeves dendo (summer time!) and...a baptism! Whoot! Party! I`ll updated you guys next week about the baptism. I`m so glad that Elder Spohr and I get to see atleast one more baptism before he gets sent home.

So yeah, thats the happy go-go news of the up-coming week. But this week was crazy! There`s a bunch of mission "drama" going on right now...the whole mission might change in the upcoming weeks! Nobody knows whats really going to happen at this point, but I guess the MTC is getting jammed with Japanese missionaries right now. Kobe is the only mission in Japan who hasn`t sent home their May missionaries...which is insane! Go President McIntyre! So that makes my companion, Spohr Choro, unofficially the oldest missionary in Japan right now! So...the problem is...there are about 28 new missionaries who are supposed to be transferred into Kobe this month. But, because there was the emergancy transfer, things got all messed up and now we have too many missionaries and not enough areas at this point. And, if we prolong another transfer without sending in the new missionaries, the next transfer will be about 50ish new missionaries! Thats like...a third of the mission! So, to resolve this problem...the misison may have to send home the May missionaries this month instead...which will be hard because a lot of them are in leadership positions!

Well, I`m sure that last paragraph was really unclear and confusing...but I`m too lazy to edit it. So simply put, my companion may be sent home early and I have no idea whats going to happen to me next transfer. Yay! Well, anyways this week was awesome. I got to dendo with one of the Tokyo missionaries in Kobe which was dope! Kobe is such a beautiful city! Oh, and our blind investigator seems to be progressing pretty well over on the island. We visited her this past week with our branch president and the lesson went great! Then after the lesson...we went fishing again. bahaha I love our branch president! Caught myself three little fishies!

Fishing is fun, dendo is great, life is good. Gotta love it!

Okay, I gotta go now! I need to go fix my bike tire right now. Hopefully you guys are having an awesome time! Have a fantabulous week!

Love you guys,
Elder Saito

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