Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hey family,

Its sooo goooodddd to hear from you guys! How are you guys doing? I can`t believe another week has passed by already. I`m pretty sure I say that everyweek, but hey, thats just the way things are.

Sounds like there`s some mission news going on over there in Provo. I can`t believe Matt and Calvin are already coming back from their missions! I swear it feels like they just barely left...oh well, I guess I`ll see them in another year and a half then. So do you have any more news on Ryan? I bet he`s going to stay in the MTC forever! I can`t believe he`s already lost 20 pounds! Wow, thats exact opposite of what I`m doing in Japan. I`ve finally accepted the fact that I am indeed getting...larger.bahah I`ve jumped up to 85 kg now! Thats like...187 lbs! If only I could`ve done this when I was playing football. haha I guess my face has gotten pretty round too since I came to Japan. Looks like you can`t call me acorn head anymore now Mom! My goal before the end of my mission is to hit 90 kg!

Well anyways, lets forget about the fact that I`m getting bigger for a second.

On a more serious note...sounds like Ojichan is having some problems with the radiation. Thats pretty much been the case for everyone this whole week. Cursed radiation. A lot of people we contact on the street are people who are hinan-ing (run away panic) ((I`m forgetting English words)) from Tokyoish areas. Japan is in a pretty panic state right now isn`t it? Well, I don`t really blame them either. Atleast the dust is starting to settle and I`m sure Japan will start rebuilding quickly! Thats so awesome that UVU had a fundraiser for Japan! UVU gets a golden star this week.

Oh yeah, and tell Obachan sorry I haven`t written her in a while. Things have been pretty busy so I haven`t really written anyone for about three weeks. I`ll try to write her today in sloppy kanji! Oh and Selena too...I shall trieth to writeth her this day!

Sorry this email is a bit barabara...I can`t really concentrate because I`m half helping Elder Spohr write the zone vision. Well, this week has been way good. I learned a lot in a short amount of time! I`ve noticed places that I need to improve on to become a better missionary. One of them being... *drum roll* the Japanese language! I felt pretty comfortable with my speaking ablilties but lately man, I`ve realized that my vocab is pretty limited and I tend to repeat things when I contact or teach lessons. How do I fix this problem? English fast! And I finally can do it because my companion is...well I guess native Japanese. Dang half-ers, being fluent in both English and Japanese. I`m pretty excited, hopefully this will last my whole mission. But knowing me, I`ll probably burn out and have an anyurism in a week. Oh well, nothing happens until you try!

Well, I`m getting too lazy to write more...but yeah, this week was dope. Life is good! Had some awesome lessons with some awesome investigators, had a good bonding experience fishing with our branch president, our blind investigator on a island is still...well...blind, and one of our investigators looks pretty solid for baptism! The work is defintely moving along over here in Takamatsu! I`ll ganbaru this week so no worries about me! Okay I`m going to go now. Hope you guys are doing awesome! Tell everyone that I love them! LOVE YA! Peace.

Mucho amor,
Elder Saito

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