Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey family!

How are you guys? Its so good to hear from you guys again! I`m glad to hear that you guys are doing well over in Provo. Are you guys in spring break already? Thats insane, wasn`t winter break just a few weeks ago? Oh well, times just been flyin by. Selena`s lookin for a job up in SLC eh? What kind of company is she aiming for? Well, I`m sure if she`s not lazy she`ll be able to get it! I`ll pray for her fosho. Hook me up with the 411 mkay.

Ah, EMMA! How is she doing? I was so sad to hear that she had to be muriyari sent home. Tell her I say herro though. I can`t imagine how that must have felt! I mean, this week was pretty hectic for the whole mission. The Kobe mission has gone through so many changes in the past few days. 42 new Tokyo missionaries just barely came in last thrusday. 42! That means the mission has...180ish missionaries? Crazy! I guess all the Tokyo missionaries are now scattered throughout the mission...and now have transformed to Kobe missionaries. But, I heard from the grapevine that most of them are in the Kobe/Osaka side of the mission...but I`m not sure. I think the Takamatsu zone is the only one that didn`t have any changes from the emergency transfer. So, that means Elder Spohr and I will probably be workin together in Takamatsu until May. I`m kind of bummed though because I was supposed to train this next transfer but I guess Japan won`t be taking in any new missionaries this up coming yeah. But its all good because I`ll be able to work longer with a Zone Leader so I can learn mucho mucho! I wonder whats going to happen to Ryan though...I think he may be stuck in the MTC for an eternity! bahaha

This week we had Special Leadership Training...oh my goodness, that training was amazing! President McIntyre is an absolute beast when it comes to leadership and training. We had the training up in Okayama and guess who was up there with me? My boy, Elder Burns! It was waaayyyy good. He`s an amazing missionary! I can`t wait for the day we can be companions on our last transfer in some super inaka place or something. Anyways, training usually goes on for three days but because the Tokyo missionaries were coming in, we had to do emergency procedures and cut it to one day...I want my full training! But its okay.
It was crazy though, on the second day of training, President didn`t show up to the morning session of training...we knew something was going down so Elder Spohr and I talked to the Assistants. They were telling us a bit of the situation right when President came in and told us everything that was happening. Ah, it was insane! He even showed us a bit of the news reports of the tsunami and showed us footage of boats, houses and cars being thrown around like toys in the waves. It was intense! So anyways, because all the new missionaries were coming in, we had to cut SLC short...

But, I think change is good. I think that the Kobe mission can only get better from here with all of the influences of the Tokyo missionaries. Its going to be crazy from here on out, but hey, we live and we learn. The earthquake/tsunami has changed a lot in Japan. Theres a whole different atomosphere here. I think this experience really humbled everyone...and now its time to watch Japan begin rebuilding with the help of the others. Its so great to watch people help one another! Ever since the disaster, there have been countless people helping both locally and internationally. Sometimes, I get a chance to glimpse at the news or watch people doing fundraisers and I find it interesting to watch how people, even nations have strengthened and developed the most basic Christlike Atrribute, love. Just like Senba Choro told me my first transfer "Love is Motion." It really is, love leads to selfless service and its awesome wathcing all of it unfold over here in Japan! I`m so blessed to be in here at this time. I can`t go over to Sendai/Tokyo and help, but I can do my part by telling everyone about Christ`s Atonement and how through the grace and mercy of our Lord, those thousands of people who unfortunately passed away will have a chance through the plan that God has prepared for us aka the plan of happiness. Ah so good!

Well, I gotta go. I hope you guys are doing awesome! Things are going great over here. There`s so much thats going on right now but there`s no possible way I could type all of it...because I`m too lazy. haha but we do have two investigators set for baptism in April! Pray for them won`t ya? OKBYE!

Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito

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