Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey family,

Oh my goodness, this week was a disaster! I can`t believe all of this happened in such a short amount of time. Its so can all of this happen? I don`t really know what to say...but I guess I`ll share my experience.

It started Friday afternoon during one of our lessons. Our investigator had his radio on when we entered his apartment and we heard a bit about some earthquake up in Sendai. I didn`t really take it too seriously because I thought it was just another small earthquake in Japan but our dendo shunin and the AP`s started callin us a bunch during the lesson. After the lesson, our dendo shunin hooked us up with all of the information about the earthquake and the tsunami. I heard that the magnitude of the earthquake was about 8.8! I know nothing about earthquakes but I know that thats a pretty insane number! Turns out there`s already thousands of people who`ve already died because of the tsunami and the earthquakes. Half of Toohoku was ripped into the ocean because of the 10 meter waves and boats where thrown 5 kilometers into the mainland. Tokyo is on flames and I heard from one of the memebers that Tokyo tower is bent because of the earthquakes. Its killing me not knowing whats really going on because we can`t watch the news but we`ve learned a lot through our memebers and talking to people on the streets. Elder Spohr and I were a bit disobedient cause we went to the shiyakusho to take a peak at the news because we were dying to know...but its okay, we`ve already repented. haha I think I`ll learn more through out this week because it`ll be the talk of the town for at least a month.

Anyways, Elder Spohr and I were pretty worried. Elder Spohr`s grandparents are up in Aomori and his mom and brother`s in Tokyo right now. I was super fuantei because I know a bunch of missionaries up in Sendai and I was more worried about Obachan when I heard a magnintude 4.4 earthquake hit Ibaraki-ken too. Thats right next to Gunma-ken right? Friday was pretty hectic for us on Shikoku. President called us and told us to warn the whole zone to stay away from the ocean and rivers. We were on the verge of evacuating because there was news that a 3 meter tsunami was heading towards us. A lot of the people near the ocean started to evacuate towards the mountains and higher levels...but we just kept on dendoing towards shinai. It was pretty scary because around 6:40 pm a loud siren went off throught the city and there was a tsunami warning. Elder Spohr and I paniked! but forutnately the tsunami was only 30 cm and we were pretty far from the ocean so it was all good.

I can`t believe all of this is happening right now. I can`t believe Japan is in such calamity and disaster...ah, I want to help my brothers and sisters out so bad but all I can do is pray. We fasted this Sunday for the people in Toohoku and all of the missionaries too. I don`t know though, just after praying...I had a feeling that our friends and family are going to be okay in Tokyo and Sendai. I just...knew that they were going to be okay. But I was so happy when I heard from President McIntyre that all of our missionaries in Japan are safe. Most of their missionary work from here on out will probably be rebuilding Japan through service. All I can do is pray for their safety and do my part over here in the Kansai region. Now I need to work extra hard to spread the good news, give comfort to those in need and help people realize that there is a loving God even at this time. (And don`t worry Mom, we won`t use the Plan of Salvation just as a cheap scheme to get more investigators) I`m so relieved that Obachan and rest of the family is okay too. Oh and Spohr Choro`s family is safe too but there`s still earthquakes going on...

Well, anyways this week has been insane. I don`t really have time to write much more but I want you guys to keep on praying for the people over in Toohoku. They`ve lost everything and they need the support to rebuild their lives. I realized how fragile human life is and how weak we really are. But, I think once the dust settles and Japan gets back on it`s feet, more people will understand the concept of a loving God and accept this Gospel.

Oh yeah, Kondo Kyodai`s baptism went through this Sunday! It was a great service and Kondo Kyodai seemed so happy. His testimony at the end was priceless! Him getting seriously a miracle and his conversion story is insane. I`ll have to update you more on that next week. bahaha. Sunday was full of miracles. After the service, one of our kind of progressing investigators came up to us and asked us "So am I still getting baptized?" Haha! I swear, miracles happen in Takamatsu! I love this place. And next week is going to be amazing too. We have leadership training in Okayama for three days so we won`t really have much time to dendo but I`m so excited. I`m going to learn and try to grow as much as I can because President has high expectations for young missionaries to become leaders. Whoot!

Anyways, I need to go go. Hope you guys are doing well! I love you guys!

Much Amor,
Elder Saito

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