Sunday, May 1, 2011



Hey family! Oh my goodness, time flew so quickly this week! All of your summers have already started!

Okay so before I forget:

Mothers days calls are going down. Like President McIntyre said, you guys will be calling me on Sunday night, which will be a Monday morning for me. As for you know the drill. guys call me Monday morning 8:30am, Japan time. I`m not going to write anymore because I`ll probably just confuse myself. that is that. Anyways, this email is going to be rather short. I just spent 45ish minutes trying to figure out how to do progress records, yakusokusha records and zone visions for the first time. But can I just tell you how awesome it is being a zone leader?! It is dope!!! I`m seriously loving it. The Takamatsu zone maybe on the smaller side but man, it is a great zone! I love every missionary in the zone. They`re all お疲れ!

Anyways, its so good to hear from you guys! Next Monday I`ll be able to talk to all of you over the phone! Ahha except Selena and Richard, thats what they get for going to California without me. It sounds like summers already started up for you guys! Mom is already in Japan and everybody is starting to get married off. Mmm sounds like summer. Well, its awesome to hear that Selena got hooked up with an internship! I knew she`d get one eventually! Congrats sister, congrats. So working in the field with a construction helmet and boots huh? Might as well throw in a beard to seal the deal huh Selena? ahah I joke. Me love you! Buy me a ganster t-shirt from California! Oh and tell Cindy CCCCOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGRRRRRRRRAAAAAAATTTTTTTSSSSSSSS! (wait, she is getting married this week right?)

Well, now I`m too lazy to type more because I`ll just talk to you guys in a few days anyways. Plus, going out bowling with the zone is calling me right now. So I is a go-go. Things are going so great over here! I swear, the Lord blesses us SO much! This is the Lord`s work! We`re all just tools in His hands! I LUV it! Hope you guys are all safe! Mom, be safe when coming to Japan! Selena and Richard, drive safely to Cali! Dad, take care of the dogs and cat. Okay bye!

Con Mucho Amor,

Sus hijo, Elder Saito

PS Ryan is in Kumamto? Sweet I have some buddies from there!

PPS We`re having a baptism this Sunday!!!

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