Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello Family,

Ugh, well I swear the weeks are starting to go by just faster and faster...I can`t keep up! It still hasn`t fully hit me that everything will be over in less than two weeks. Like, I don`t know how to explain it. It just feels like I`m going to be just transferring to a new area, you know? Nothing new. Goodness...I don`t wanna go home! It`s like, I don`t know anything else other than the mission and I can`t imagine doing anything else. But at the same time, I`m stoked for what`s behind this new door, you know? I don`t know how to explain myself. It was way sad this week because it was my last Zone Leader Council I would ever participate in. I`ve been going to those for the last year and a half and I`ve seen many great missionaries bear their dying testimonies...but I never thought that my day would ever come. It felt so unreal to me standing up and bearing my testimony. But it was a great experience because there were many young missionaries that I had chances to work with on my mission like my son, Elder Lythgoe. It`s crazy to think that I was training him just about a year ago...and now he`s a zone leader, working in my bean area. Life comes at you fast! I guess this is how it feels to be a dad and see your kids grow up, eh? Oh the mission, the perfect life prep.

Ah, I`m gonna be so sad having to say goodbye to all of the members here. This is the branch where I felt most comfortable and at home in so its gonna be a tuff having to leave. I swear, I would live in Toyooka just for the members if I could.

Well, I`m half worried about what`s gonna happen this week. My mind feels like its been thrown in a blender...but I`m going to continue working my hardest for my last week out here in the field. I was pondering and praying about what I wanted to accomplish with my last weeks of my mission and I remembered something that was written in my patriarchal blessing. It stated that I would be lead to the doors of those who have been praying for me to come...granted, that door could be a figurative door, but I still feel like I haven`t been accomplish that just yet. My goal for the rest of my time here is to find a family through housing and see their baptismal picture up a few months from now! haha

Anyways, I`m gonna go now. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I`ll be sure to do my best for the last few days so I can leave saying that I gave everything for the people of Japan!

Mucho Love,
Elder Saito


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