Monday, July 16, 2012


Dear Family,

Well, here it is. The last report! I can`t believe how quickly this past week had gone by...but I honestly couldn`t be happier! Not for the fact of leaving, I`m way torn about that, but for the fact that I was really able to fall in love with the people here in Japan. I love the members, investigators, missionaries and converts so much! It`s hard to imagine that I`ll be leaving them. They`ve really become a part of me, like another branch of my family, you know? I`m also happy that I feel like I was able to accomplish what the Lord desired me to out here. Granted, I`m sure there are many things I could`ve done better but I`ve got no regrets. I feel good saying that I was able to do everything for my two years out here!

I don`t know how to really explain it...I know my mission is coming to an end but it still hasn`t fully hit me yet. I feel like I should be doing this forever, you know? But I am so grateful for everything that I was able to experience on my mission. I`m so grateful for all my brothers and sisters that I was able to come to know. I`m grateful for the testimony that I was able to develop of Jesus Christ and His atonement. I`m grateful for the Restoration of the gospel and the knowledge of the plan of salvation that we have. All the experiences I`ve had really has meant the world to me! While I was preparing my final testimony this past Sunday, it hit me how much the Lord had truly blessed me throughout my mission. I was looking back in my journal and I realized that I had never felt so much pain and heartache than on my mission...but not a single experience has been or probably ever will be more rewarding! I love my mission so much that I don`t think I`ll ever be able to express its fullness in words.

Well, I`ll see you guys in a few days anyways. I`ll tell you all the juicy details about my mission later. When are we going to Nagoya by the way? There`s some business that I need to finish back in Kobe so I may need some time.

Thanks for everything you guys. I really love you so much! I could`ve never made it throughout my mission without your love and support! Mom and Dad, thanks for all the sacrifices you made so I could be out here in Japan spreading the good word that brought our family happiness. I was really able to understand the importance of what I`ve always been blessed to have in my life, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Selena, can`t wait to see you big sis!!! I missed you a bunch. As for all my friends, I love ya and can`t wait to see all of ya again!

Here`s a last scripture I wanna share with you guys. It`s the scripture I fell in love with before I left on my mission. Alma 29:9. This is truly my glory, this is my joy.

Love ya,
Elder Saito

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