Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey beloved family!

Well, it`s July...crazy huh? I honestly don`t have too much time to write because we need to hop on a bus to Kobe in a few hours to go and play. So, lo siento...but it`s aight, I`ll be seeing you in like three weeks anyways. I need to enjoy my time that`s left here in Japan, who knows when I can ever comeback here?

Just want to tell you that I am happier than ever! It`s been a great week over here, just keeping the work moving forward while strengthening our beloved new converts. Got a few brothers lined up to receive the priesthood and start serving the branch. I also don`t think there is anything better in the world than having a good talk with your thirteen yr old convert about her dreams and her future. Yeah, we had another one of those after church again, haha. It`s amazing cause she`s thinking of going to college, serving a mission and getting married in the temple! It`s a pretty big step forward for her especially because she wasn`t even going to school five months ago. She even started to dendo her family! The gospel has the power to change people`s lives for the better and it provides rays of hope that help people move forward. I can`t even wait to see what to happens to her five, ten years later!

Sorry for the short email. The package came by the way, I was way surprised that you sent all of that! Thanks so much though! I`ll be sure to give them all to the members in due time.

I love you guys! The Lord lives and the work is going to continue to move forward. I`m way sad that I`ll never be able to experience this chapter in my life again, but I have no regrets. I love my mission, but I`m also very excited for the next chapter that I`ll be writing in due time.

Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito

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