Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey family,

Oh my goodness! What the garbage happened to June? I almost fell out of my chair during our planning meeting this past week when I realized that next Sunday is already going to be July! Ah, President Zinke was right. He told me in my last interview that these last months will fly past like a whirlwind...and he was right. It still hasn`t fully dawned on me that I`ll be going home in less than a month. The mission office had already sent me a bunch of materials and things I need to do before I go home but I`ve haven`t really looked over it yet. I probably should some time soon...eventually.

Yeah, so for the gifts for the members...sorry for not telling you how many was needed. Lo siento! But if you could be a sweetheart and send the package to Hyogo-ken Toyooka-shi Yamamoto 210-7 (兵庫県豊岡市山本210-7) that would be much appreciated. My goodness, I love the members here so much. I swear the only thing that kept me alive in Toyooka where the members and their kids. I love those kids from the bottom of my heart! I can`t really imagine leaving Toyooka and the members, I mean, they`ve become my family!

So, we had an amazing experience this past Sunday. We had district conference over in Nishiwaki so us, an investigator and a bunch of members jumped onto a big van and drove all the way over there! Well, that wasn`t the amazing experience by the way. So, at district conference there was a special fireside about missionary work and we watched a DVD that the Tokyo mission released about member-missionary work. There was one experience of a member who referred her friend from middle school and shared her experience of her friend`s conversion process. It was great because the situation was just like Haru-chan (little girl who referred her friend) and Misa-chan`s experience. First, Haru-chan just casually invited Misa-chan to church, then they started listening to the missionary lessons with each other which eventually lead to her conversion. Isn`t it just amazing to think about the greatness of the work? I mean think about it, it all started out with Haru-chan just inviting her friend to church. That small act of love produced a soul that has potential of returning to Heavenly Father`s presence! But its just not Misa-chan who is effected, this small act of love will now bless Misa-chan and her family for all eternity! Amazing right? I have a firm testimony that by small and seemingly insignificant things produce big changes in somebody`s life. And it was so amazing at the end because after the video, both Haru-chan and Misa-chan bore their simple testimonies in front of every and it was so spiritual. Misa-chan shared her experiences of her conversion and I was just on the verge of bursting out in tears. I love missionary work!

I`m so grateful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary. I would`ve never had these experiences or understood the goodness that comes out of the gospel if I wouldn`t have gone on my mission. I think the greatest joy in a missionary`s life is when his 13 yr old convert tells him that she wants to serve a mission and get married in the temple! My heart almost melted at that moment with joy! Thank you so much for letting me serve a mission and always supporting me Mom and Dad! I know that I would`ve never experienced any of this if it wasn`t for your sacrifice and your faith!

Okay, I gotta go now. We`re going to Kumihama now to go and play with more jellyfish and crabs. I`ll be sure to enjoy rest of my time here on my mission!!!

Con Amor,
Elder Saito

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