Friday, September 9, 2011


Hellur Ev`rbody,
Goodness, can I just tell you all that this week was pretty insane? Typhoons, Kobe, people getting hit by cars, miracles and gray hair...I`ll update you all on that later.
But first, how are all of you guys? I`m way glad to hear that life is going smoothly for all of you guys. I can`t believe that fall semester has started already for all of you guys! Life is just rollin on isn`t it? Thanks for the pictures by the way Dad, I didn`t know that the Grandview stake has been up and runnin for a full 40 years. I enjoyed seeing you having the time of your life wearing white socks and sandals. bahaha. Anyways, the festival looked all "Americ-UH!" Ah, I can`t believe that Calvin is already home! I way びっくり when I saw his picture in the email. Tell him I say "hello, hello." Good old Grandview. I`m telling you though, I am going to freak out when I return back to America and that ward. I forgot how church is like in English...
Chelena, whats happening with your health lately? You`re going to be grandma by the time I get back there. Don`t worry, I`m taking on age at a rapid pace now too. So, this past sabbath day, I was styling my rather luxurious hair when I realized something shining on my head. No, it was not my scalp, but rather a single strand of hair. Full with curiosity, I was able to single out the strand of hair and pull it out. After a good inspection of the hair...I came to realize that it was indeed a gray hair. At that point, I spent a good 30 seconds screaming infront of my mirror because I came to a realization that my life had now taken its turn down the steady slope of old-ness. But whatever, I don`t care.
Well, so this week. I don`t even know where to I`ll just start from the begining. (spell check please) Okay, so let me just tell you, we had an awesome zone leader conference this past Tuesday! Good old President Zinke and all the enlightenment that he offers. It was a very fantastic training. Okay, so this is where everything starts going crazy. We get home Tuesday night after a long bus ride from Kobe with some of the Matsuyama Elders. The second we get home, I saw that my phone was ringing and it said President Zinke. I figured that he just was calling me to check if we were able to get home safely...but I was wrong. This is just about how the conversation went.
President: "How are you Elder Saito?"
Me: "Oh, I`m doing good, how are you President?"
President: "Good, good. So one of your missionaries in your zone just got hit by a car."
Me: "...what?"
And thats how the story unfolds. Turns out one of our sister missionaries was riding her bike in the dark in a more inaka part in the area when a car backed out and she hit into the car and flew off into some ditch. Yeah...our other sister started freaking out because she thought her companion was dead, which is she called President Zinke. So pretty much the rest of the night consisted of a frenzie of me calling our sister and comforting her, calling branch authorities to go and help them out, listening to sirens in the background of the phone calls, talking to President Zinke and of course a good amount of prayers. But, thank goodness missionaries have a special blessing from the Lord. Our sister missionary was able to walk away from the accident with a bloody elbow, banged up body and an even stronger will to dendo. She is an amazing missionary! While she was in the hospital, she was talking to the person who hit her about, guess what? The Gospel! bahaha I love the sister missionaries in my zone! In the end, the Tokushima sisters went over to Kobe to spend rest of the week in the mission presidents house so she can heal up and our beloved sister missionary is returning to her area today to resume the work. She is a TANK!
Anyways, that was a real scare for the whole zone..but thank the Lord that she`s okay! Speaking of scares, there was supposed to be a huge typhoon over here in Takamatsu. I mean there was one...but it wasn`t as bad as I expected. Last months was much worse. The winds were pretty bad the night before but during the day it wasn`t too bad. And yeah...we did dendo the day of the typhoon. Sorry Mom, I just like dendo too much...and even better, we found a new investigator that day too so no worries. Plus, it was Brother Hamada and Takanashi`s birthday so we had to bring a cake to them! I bet Hamada and Takanashi Kyodai must of thought we were crazy. I mean, there we were with our rainsuits in the blustering wind and rain...holding a cake and a birthday card for them. But they seemed to be very happy about it so thats all that matters!
Well...this week was awesome. Seriously saw a lot of miracles! I`d love to write them all but the P-day is calling me. We need to go to Okayama tonight so we gotta get things done yo! Thanks for everything you guys! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! I love ya!
Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito
PS that lady in the picture is Sister Dambara. She`s awesome.

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