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Hey family!

Well, another week has passed by quickly over here in good old Takamatsu. It was a pretty eventful week I would have to say. Lately, we`ve decided to leave the city while dendo-ing and trying to reach out to our brothers and sisters in more of the inaka areas. You may ask why? Why go outside the city when you have a big Shotengai you can dendo in? Well, I shall tell you now. I`ve been in Takamatsu for such a long time that mostly everyone in the Shotengai already knows me. Its really interesting because we`d contact a good amount of people in the Shotengai and I could almost guarantee that A. I`ve already talked to them. B. They`ve seen me talking to someone. or C. I`ve talked to their friend, relative, neighbor. Of course I`m exaggerating quite a lot, but I swear this happens a good amount when we`re in the Shotengai. I guess that`s one of the results of really trying our best to talk with everyone about the gospel! Plus, its all good because I`ve really gotten know a lot of the locals in Takamatsu over the last half of a year.

For example:
Man with Puppy: 60 year old male. Has a cute puppy that he takes on walks with his bike. Always stops and talks to you about politics and how young people are becoming uneducated and more rambunctious. Usually has a cigarette in his mouth.
Skatergirl: 25 year old female who love skateboarding and bmx biking. Usually wears a tank top while skating, has a tattoo on her wrist and always yells and waves "Hey boys!" to you when she rides past.
Metal Gear Solid: Angry Caucasian male in his late 40`s. Always riding a bike, wearing dark sunglasses, a hat and an aloha shirt. Guaranteed to say "Get a !"$#%&* life" whenever he rides past you. Whenever you try to stop him, he will always ride past you and throw up the middle finger. During contacts, he rides past you and tells the person you`re contacting to "be careful, they`re dangerous"
Flamboyant Smoker Lady: 60 year old female who wears very interesting clothing. Usually found smoking in front of the Mini-stop in the Shotengai or sitting on a bench. Always texting or watching television on her pink phone.
Punk: 18 year old male who is very fashionable with bright neon colors. Usually found riding his bright orange street bike through the Shotengai at night. Wears a Jaws beanie and owns a bright colored backpack. Rides past you and does tricks on his bike when you try to contact him.
Magician: 24 year old male who performs magic in the Shotengai. Very kind and humble. Also very talented at magic as well.

Well, there are more...but you get the point. I love the people of Takamatsu! Especially all of my friends. My goal before I leave is to stop Metal Gear Solid and share with him the message of the restored gospel! But, now its time to reach out to the elect who don`t spend most of their day in the Shotengai. I actually like switching things up, mainly because we`ve been finding pretty interested/interesting people in the inaka areas. Takamatsu is so amazing because the center is pretty city but the moment you get out...its pretty darn inaka. Housing, as many experienced missionaries know, always yields miracles and interesting experiences as long as you have faith that is. This week we were able to talk to a certain mother who happens to love Mother Teresa. She really enjoys learning about the concept of love and charity and feels that she really wants to learn how to develop those two attributes. And what better way to do that then through Jesus Christ?! It was great because we shared verses about charity and love from the Book of Mormon. She was way excited to receive a Book of Mormon that out of her excitement, she gave both of us surprise hugs...I would have to say it was pretty awkward for us because we didn`t have the courage to tell this excited woman that we weren`t aloud to hug females. Oh well, that will hopefully be the last experience I have of random women hugging me during my mission. haha

Oh yeah, on a more spiritual note. Takanashi is now confirmed a member!!! YEAH, GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST!!! I love that guy.

Anyways, I gotta go now. My P-day is I must go and do. Thanks for the emails family!!! I`m way excited to hear from all of you guys next week! MUCHO LOVE!!! Peace.

Elder Saito

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