Monday, August 8, 2011


Hey Mama,

Looks like the good old dream vacation came to an end! Now its back to reality instead of chilling on a nude beach or walking down the streets of Barcelona. How`s the semester looking for UVU right now? Are you going to be pretty busy? Hey, so you should teach me how to really speak Japanese once I get home. I got to translate for this weeks zone conference and I realized how inept I really was in Japanese. Well, it didn`t help much that President used 5 billion scriptures but whateves, I still need to learn the language better. I did a decent job though, I kinda of winged some of the scripture parts though. But rest of the translating I felt comfortable. Hopefully they can start using me as a translator for the Hiroshima side of the mission or something, that would be way awesome! But as of now, I have to sharpen my Japanese skills so I can translate better you know? Yeah, you know. Hopefully President will hook me up with a Japanese companion somewhere along the line. But that won`t be for a while cause I`m going to be in Takamatsu forever!

Anyways, I`m glad to hear that things back in Provo are...well normal. Haha does anything change in Utah? Oh my goodness, I can`t believe that its already been a two year anniversary for Selena and Richard. THAT BLOWS MY MIND! I swear it was yesterday that I was wearing my fly black Jordans at the wedding reception and getting pulled over for speeding towards Sam`s house. Bleah, I guess this is just one of the curses of getting old. OH MY GOODNESSx2 can you believe that I hit my year mark this week? Man, unbelievable. But its a good week to have a year anniversary because its Obon! Good old fireworks and everyone being busy. Is Dad already in Japan? I kinda forgot to ask but I need some good ole American toothpaste. But its okay, I found one under the sink so I think it will last me a good month or so. Oh and some white short sleeve dress shirts...but its probably too late. Oh yeah, I was thinking of sending a few things back to America, is that anyway possible? I`ve got clothes that I know I won`t wear...but I can probably care about that half a year from now. Ah...nevermind!

So yeah, lately we have been seeing so many miracles throughout the mission! This last zone conference, President really focused on the Spirit and working more effectively with it. I definitely would have to say that it is effective! Without the Spirit, you literally cannot do the Lord`s work. Everything hangs on the Spirit. Granted, we can convince and persuade people to be baptized, but it states clearly in Doctrine and Covenants 50 that it wouldn`t be the way of the Lord. Without the Lord and the Spirit, the work doesn`t move forward. Period. You`d think that I would`ve learned this a long time ago but you know me, I`m way stubborn, hard headed and impatient. But, turning to the Lord for help in all things is surprisingly a very humbling experience. I mean, it entails a lot of things on your own side such as patience and accepting/unifying with the Lord`s will. Its a way awesome perspective of dendo. I`ve always relied more on my own talents and abilities for the work...but relying more on the Lord has taught me a lot of new things. Plus, you see more miracles that way too!

Speaking of miracles, our yakusokusha, Takanashi is looking way solid for baptism! He is seriously a miracle, I`ve never seen somebody progress so quickly in the gospel. He`s a way humble guy who just wants to become a better person. Its that simple. And what better way to improve than accepting Christ? Yeah, yeah! So his baptismal interview is this Wednesday...please pray for him! Its such a blessing to be working in this part of the vineyard right now. So many miracles, so many! Our other yakusokusha is super solid as well! He wants to be baptized for sure...but his parents seem to be a bit hantai. Man, but I have no worries. That kid`s faith is solid so I have no doubt he`ll be baptized. We`re really prayin for him because he`s going to try to talk to his parents again! Worse comes to worse, us and our branch president will jump on a ferry to Shodoshima and go talk to them. But whatever happens is the Lord`s will!

Okay, I gotta go bounce now. Hopefully you guys had an awesome week! じゃ今週も頑張ってね! MUCHO LOVE!


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