Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey Family,
Hey, I love you guys. Shoot, looking at those pictures just blows my mind to think that two of my old companions are already home...and they were in my house just a few days ago. Ah...awkward. But I love those guys so much! Its amazes me to think that four of my companions are already home and one of them is going home in a week, and it seems that they`re all gathering in Utah. Can I just tell you that the Mormon world is soooooo small? So, I received a letter from my friend earlier this week and she told me that she met the late Trevor Paul Wiser (companion #4). Turns out he`s rooming with one of her friends! I have a feeling that once I go back to BYU I`ll probably have a some sort of connection with probably half of the campus. Party everyday!
Anyways, thanks for the pictures by the way! Its good to see you guys are doing well. So, I heard somewhere down the grapevine that BYU did terrible against Utah? Schweeet! Maybe I`ll actually have a chance to make the team now! haha I joke. I`m way too old and out of shape to be playing that sport anymore. Literally, I`m old. The last two transfers have made me feel like a grandpa...probably because I`m working with such a young missionaries. Darn youth, why do you have to go and make me feel so old. I seriously cannot believe that the transfer will be over in a week...I know I say in every email, but WHY IS TIME GOING BY SO QUICKLY?! I`m going to be on transfer ten next week. TEN! You don`t understand, thats double digits. Ah, but I need to stop thinking about it so much. I need to live for right now. I mean, this is a chapter of my life that I can`t rewrite and there`s no way I`m going to go and waste it by constantly dreading the end. Its interesting because Elder Lythgoe and I always have these sorts of conversations for our pillow talks...I should try to start falling asleep earlier.
Well, I just need to tell you that this week was amazing! Awesome service project with the branch, great lesson with our beloved Seventhday Adventist from Africa, and just sweet people in general. I love Takamatsu so much. This area has literally become my other home. I can walk through it blindfolded and probably find my way around. The branch is now my family, all of my investigators are now my friends and all the locals are...well, locals. The thought of potentially transferring out of here next week actually scares me a bit...but at the same time, I feel that it would be good for me. Either way, I`ll be excited! Plus, in the end its not up to me, its the Lord`s choice. I firmly believe that the Lord knows me best and knows exactly where I need to go for me to be an effective tool in His hands. I just need to always remember that I`m nothing without Him and I need humble myself and accept whatever the will of the Lord is. Whether I`ll be here in Takamatsu or somewhere else in a week, my purpose won`t change you know? Ah, I just love this work. I`m not going to lie, there are a few days and experiences that have been hard on me, but all of it disappears when I realize that I`m doing the Lords work in the part of the vineyard that I love. Everyday, I get to go out and serve my brothers and sisters who need this gospel. Tell me, whats greater than that?
Well, anyways this week I also had a great opportunity to serve with my beloved branch. We went to an old rest home somewhere up in the mountains and cleaned that place spot-less! I`ll tell ya, simple acts of service is one of the best ways to feel the spirit. Plus, being able to work with the branch really helped us build a better relationship with them. Its always a good feeling when you know the members trust you and want you to teach their beloved ones. I love it! One of our members, who is amazing by the way, wants us to begin teaching her daughter. I can`t wait! Teaching people is so much fun. Oh yeah, and Yokoyama from last week. He is a stud! Came to church yesterday and stayed there for five hours! Yeah.
Anywho, time is running short. I just wanna tell you that I love you guys! Thanks so much for everything you guys do. Really, I appreciate it! I wouldn`t be out here if it wasn`t for you guys, familia. Okay, well I gotta go now! HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!!!
頑張るぞ!!! ファイト!!!
Mucho love,
Elder Saito

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