Sunday, February 27, 2011


Selena speaking: Sorry guys, I fell behind. I posted last week's email today in a seperate post.

Hey family,

Hey! I love you guys! How have thing been? Its so good to hear from you guys again. It feels like this week went by so quickly again, actually this whole transfer went by quickly. Sorry, this email`s gonna be pretty short if thats okay, we`re planning to go to the zoo in a few hours so...yeah.

Well, this week has truely been amazing! We were blessed to see an amazing miracle this week. Here`s the 411 on the story: Back in the old times (Elder Hinton should remember) Elder Hinton and I found an amazing investigator named Kawamata in Okamachi. He was literally a golden investigator! We were able to have one lesson with him and it was amazing. But, it turned out he lived in Amagasaki, which was the area right next to us, so Elder Hinton and I went to Amagasaki so we could hand him off to the Amagasaki Elders. On a kokan, I was able to share the message of the Restoration and invite him to baptism with one of the Amagasaki elders. After sharing the message of the Restoration, Kawamata actually teared up a bit and told us that he had chicken skin from the hearing the message! Spirit Power! Ah, it was such an amazing lesson! I was sure that he would get baptized! But, unfortunately after that lesson, the Amagasaki elders lost contact with Kawamata. I was super bummed to hear that he had dissapeared off the face of the planet! I tried calling him every once in a while but I still couldn`t get in contact with him.

Twas a sad moment...

BUT! thats not the end of the story. (if it was, that would be a lame story) So, about two weeks ago at the all mission taikai, one of the Amagasaki elders came up to me and told me that they got a hold of Kawamata! I guess he had been in the hospital for a few months and just couldn`t get a hold of the elders! Ah, I was so happy to hear that they got a hold of him again! Once he got a hold of the elders, he told them that he wants to get baptized! HE did! When he was in the hospital, he really thought about the message we shared with him and he started feeling it was true. And from that feeling, he got in contact with the elders after being released from the hospital and started investigating again! I knew that he was an elect from the moment we contacted him!

So during this week, I got a call from my buddy Johnson Choro in the office telling me that Kawamata passed his baptismal interview with flying colors! Ah! I was so happy to hear that! and he kept on telling him on how grateful he was for meeting with Elder Hinton and I. Ah, I was so happy for the rest of the week! Literally, I felt this super joy just coarsing through my body! It was unbelievable! Well, the baptismal service was on Sunday. Kawamata wanted me to come but it was during chruch so unfortunately, I couldn`t leave my little Iwade. BUT I WAS SO HAPPY FOR HIM! These kinda experiences make the mission so amazing! Ah I love being a missionary! I need to give that man a huge hug!

Well, that was my super amazing miracle of the week! I mean we had a bunch more...but I is too lazy to write them up right now. Transfer calls are gonna be this Tuesday! DUNDUNDUNNNN! I have no idea whats gonna happen this next transfer...I could be training, I could have a new companion, I could even be in a new area! Who knows? But whatever happens, I`m gonna work so hard! I want to see more miracles happen where ever I go! My new goal of the transfer is to work with the Spirit more. Nothing happens in missionary work without the Spirit you know?

Anyways, I hope you guys are doing amazing! I love you guys so much! Tell me everything that goes on over there in Utah for me okay? Oh and for the flyingpig thing, I`m okay. Please don`t spend so much money on me! Its okay, I won`t die! bahaha okay welll I gotta go now. Know that I love you guys! Peace!

Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito

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