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How are you family?! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I just wanna say that I love you guys! Its so good to hear from you guys again. Sorry my emails didn`t send a few weeks ago, I guess that happened to a few other missionaries too. But, I`m happy to finally hear from you guys again. How are things? It sounds like theres quite a lot of interesting stuff happening over there in Utah. Thats so awesome how Allie`s story was put into the New Era! Tell her congrats for me okay?

Speaking of time going by quick, this week flew right over my head! It was such an amazing week though. We were blessed so much! We had zone conference, which was awesome. And an all mission conference, which was awesome. And sweet lessons with great investigators! The zone conference was so great though. It was all the way over in Mikunigawaka so we had to jump on our little one man train early in the morning to get there. But guess who`s in my zone? Emma Tohara! Twas awesome being able to see her again. It caught me off guard so bad though! Emma is already on her second to last transfer! She gave her final goodbye testimony in zone conferece. I swear she just barely left on her mission! What has happened! haha I better be careful or the same thing will happen to me if I don`t pay attention ya know? But her testimony was great. Its amazing to see how a mission can change someone like that. Oh, and President McIntyre`s training was amazing! I learned so much in a jam packed hour that`ll help me on my mission so much! Zone confernce was just amazing.

But all mission conference, wow! We were blessed to hear from President and Sister McIntyre, Aoyagi kaicho and shimai, Sister Cook and then ended it with Elder Cook`s amazing testimony and vision of missionary work. It was a spiritual punch in the face! Just wakes you up and makes you want to spread the Gospel to everyone in the world! There were so many things that I loved in the mission confernece that I am way too lazy to quote them I`ll tell you some of my favorites.

"What you`re doing here is the most important work you can possibly do in your life. You are not the only one who benefits from a mission. Everyone you love will be affected."
-Elder Cook
SO good, so good. I heard everything that I needed to hear from this taikai. Plus it was awesome because the whole mission was there and I was able to talk with all of my doki and friends. We weren`t aloud to have cameras so sorry, no pictures of Elder Cook or doki! But it was such a great experience. It was super sad saying good bye to some missionaries though because it was there last transfer...but I`m sure I`ll be able to see them again somehow!

Well, the taikai`s (conference) were just amazing. And we had awesome dendo experiences too! We have some pretty amazing investigators too. One of them being Hiramoto. He`s a highschooler but he has a desire to learn more about this Gospel. He was a referral from a memeber in Saitama! I know right? A referral in Japan, what? But it happened! He`s totally golden...but dendo is never that easy. But hey, it was never supposed to be easy. Because he`s still 17, he needs parents approval to be baptized. And they seem to be hantai. BUT we wont lose hope on him. I have faith that he`ll be baptized!

Ah so many things had happened throughout this week! I`m excited for the up coming weeks and what`s going to happen. Well, I`m running out of time, and I`m too poor for another hour on this computer so I`m going to go. Thanks so much for all you do you guys! I love you so much! thanks for the package too! But I don`t want you guys spending money on me anymore so there`s no need to send me anything! Okay, know that I love you guys! Peace!

Mucho Amor,
Elder Saito

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