Sunday, February 27, 2011



Hey, how are you family? Looks like you`re all doing awesome! Just got the pictures of the dinner with Elder...I mean Brother Hinton. haha its so weird to see him without a name tag! Tell him herro for me will ya? Wow, it`s already been about two months since he got off of his mission now huh? Unbelievable. Time is going by so quickly...Can you believe that its already the last week of the transfer? Time in Iwade seems to be slipping away. But thats only because there`s some hard work going on over here! So, how is the family? Everyone getting prepared for a year full of travel and marriages? I can`t believe you guys are going all over the place in such a short time. I is excited for you! Selena, sounds like the Reno trip was fun for you! You got a backpack hurrah!

Wow, I can`t believe its almost the end of the transfer already...but I`m so excited! You don`t even know! We have a baptism set up on the twelvth of next month! Our yakusokusha`s named Fukunaga. He`s really an awesome guy, I love him to death. He`s a graduate student up at Kindai University right now and its looking pretty good. He has a genuine desire to learn more about the Gospel but there`s some parts that are still hard for him to accept. But hey, I don`t except him to take in everything all at once. True conversion comes with effort and most importantly, the Holy Ghost. He asks really deep questions too so it shows that he is honestly trying to learn more about the Gospel. We`re gonna finish teaching everything this Wednesday and help him prepare for the baptismal interview. Ah, I`m so stoked! We have a tentative baptismal interview date set on the eighth, but things could change because its kind of at a yayakoshi time because transfers are going to be a week before it. But, we`ll figure things out for sure! Pray for him will you?!

Ah, other than that, this week has been great. We had a transfer record of 18 people at chruch yesterday! The branch is regaining strength! AND I had an awesome kokan with Camacho choro this Thrusday! He`s such an awesome elder. He`s Philipino but he grew up in he`s pretty much Japanese. Ah the Sennan Elders are so awesome! Dantas and Camacho, an awesome combination. Ah fun times, kokans are always the best because you get to mix things up! And then after that we had a sweet district meeting too. We`re starting to change our planning methods so we can more effectively work with investigators and memebers. Yay for improvement! I`m so excited for the up coming transfer though. I`m probably staying in Iwade...I mean I better stay in Iwade. I wonder who my new companion will be? Or will I train this next transfer?...find out next next week. Which reminds me, next week we might go to the zoo with the Sennan elders! YAY! Why am I so excited? Because there`s gonna be a potential investigator from Guatamala who`s gonna be there. Spanish dendo, here I come!

Well, it sounds like you guys are happy! But I still hope you guys are doing awesome. Things in Provo are probably going smooth eh? Tell me everything that goes on over there okay! I gotta go now and do what a missionary does aight? I LOVE YOU GUYS! Have a great week! Peace.

Elder Saito

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