Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Blame my Dad for scanning pictures as a pdf. I can't upload the standby...I WILL upload them someday.

Mom and Dad,

Hey how are you guys? The MTC is great. I love it so much here. I love all the people here! Oh and guess what? I leave to Japan on Sept. 13, next Monday! I can't believe how quickly time goes by. It's kinda a bittersweet feeling though. I'm so excited to finally (Rex spelled this: finalle...well, I guess speaking Japanese is what will be important for him for these next 2 years) get out into the field but at the same time I'm gonna miss everyone from the MTC. My friends and I have a fantastic plan when I get back though. They're planning to transfer to BYU and we're gonna try and room together in some dinky house. It's gonna be amazing if it works out! And we have this plan to make a biker gang. we're gonna call it "同性愛" (this means "gay" by the way)! haha and I do know what it means...but we are in Provo! They'll think it just says something awesome in kanji! We're all gonna buy Honda Nighthawks and shadow motorcycles and take a Utah temples tour with them. I'm so excited! I hope it works though!

So next Monday I'll be on a plane straight to Narita, Tokyo! So by next week my address will change. I think Japan is gonna be amazing! I'm probably gonna freak out when I get off the plane and realize what I got myself into though. haha I wonder how it's gonna be over the in Kobe?

How's Rupert? Has the ceiling fan fallen on him yet like I prayed for?

So guess what. I was teaching a lady at the TRC who was from Provo. She was half Okinawan and from Hawaii. I asked her if she knew the Arakaki's and surprise! She did.

Well I need to go now. So I probably won't be able to write back for a while or until I get settled in Japan. I'll try not to die on the plane or anything.

*Rex will be leaving this coming Monday! I will make it my goal to post up pictures before we get a letter from him when he gets to Japan.

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