Saturday, August 28, 2010


This post is Rex's first, official letter! We received it on August 17, 2010.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the package and the rain gear! It's good to hear from you guys. So I see you guys enjoyed Las Vegas without me? Well the MTC is awesome. Everyone here is pretty awesome and works real hard. My companion's name is Elder Chappell, he's a really great guy from Idaho and we get along really well. But here it comes Mom, I know you're gonna say "I told you so" but I already know. I entered the MTC super unprepared. Everyone here is already up to date with the latest doctrine terms and know how to write in hiragana at least. I regret not listening to Mom's constant threats on how bad I suck and will suck at Japanese in the MTC. But, I'm slowly catching up by cramming all the vocab into my head. I've even learned how to (kind of) wrtie in hiragana.

The MTC is pretty tough. My first full day I had to teach lesson 1 in the TRC. Surprisingly I did decent but it was still an interesting experience. My district is pretty cool buy I've actually made more friends in other districts. There are a bunch of half Japanese elders and one from Finland that I get along with really well. We all can talk about old Japanese TV shows or movies. For example, yesterday, on the piano, one of the Elders had sheet music to Tottoro and Mononoke. We all were singing to it and it was an awesome time.

I love the teachers here too. All of them have a good sense of humor and teach very well. I've learned a lot from them the past few days. I see Elder Burns almost everyday because he lives in the same dorm area as me. He's a really cool kid. It's a shame we couldn't be in the same district. I took a few pictures with him and my friends in front of the temple but I'm not too sure on how to send them. I'll try and figure out during today's P-day time. The MTC is great buy I can't wait to experience the actual thing in Japan. I feel comfortable speaking with the natives. But I only get that chance when I'm in the TRC or with the half-Japanese. Pretty much everyone in my district is hakujin (white).

Well I need to go and do my laundry. Tell Rupert that I hate him and I hope he gets so fat that he can't move anymore. Once again thanks for the package and everything you have/ will do for me.

Love ya guys,

Rex Saito

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