Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey Mom!

The first day in Japan has gone pretty well. Today the weather is a bit cloudy and it actually feels pretty good. Its not as humid here as I thought it would be though. So yesterday all my plane rides were okay. And it turns out I didn't have to pay extra money for taking another carry on for JAL.LUCKY! JAL planes are so amazing though! they look as if they were straight out from a space craft. Anyways we arrived in Osaka around 8ish Tuesday night? President Mcyntire was there to pick us up with a bunch of vans. He's a really cool guy too! But we came to the mission home around 9 or 10ish. I was crazy tired because I'd been up for a while too. But we just ate a small dinner then went to the apartments that are right behind the church and slept. I slept like a baby! I haven't slept that good in a while.

Anyways in the morning we ! went on with personal studies and stuff until breakfast. After a little bit of orientation Pres Mcyntire took us out to a buffet. It was a really good all you can eat place with okura and stuff! It was a lot of fun. After we went for our first dendoing. I'll be honest, it was pretty scary at first. My trainer just let me go throughout the streets and stuff. But I remembered what you said and just smiled and said hello to everyone. I was able to hand out 5 pass along cards and two Book of Mormons. It was actually really really fun and I liked it a lot! Then after dendoing we went by this beautiful little Jin-ja. I wanna buy an omamori sometime! Anyways, now I'm here waiting in the mission home to get my first interview with the President. I'll be here till Thursday then be moved out so I probably won't be able to write anyone for a little bit longer.

Thanks mom! tell everyone I say hi! and tell Rupert I hope a door falls on him.

Elder Saito

Rex and his first companion.
Rex and the mission president/ mission president's wife.

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  1. I love his hatred for Rupert! I feel it is almost as strong as mine!