Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey Dad and Mom,

Things are going really well here! I was moved to Okamachi area in Osaka after the dendobu and I'm living in an apartment with 3 other elders. My companion's name is Elder Hinton. He's actually a really good guy and hard worker from Oregon and we get along well. The place I'm in is a relatively large city and there are a lot of people to talk to here! It's kinda hard because we're the first elders in this area in a while so we techinically have no investigators to really work with...but it's okay because we found 6 new investigators dendoing in the part 3 days! I'm not gonna lie, denoing is sometimes hard. There are some people in Japan who are so cold hearted and hard headed but at the same time there are a bunch of people who are willing to listen. Probably one of the hardest instances was when we were housing and met a really awesome kid who was pretty interesed in our message. We gave him a BOM and committed him to read and pray and he accepted it. When we were walking away from his house his dad came running to us and gave us back the BOM. The dad was really nice though but it was still hard to take back the book. Other than the hard instances I feel like dendoing in this city goes really well. There are a lot of people who will listen to you if you just strike up a natural conversation. I'm starting to feel a lot more confident in my Japanese so I have no problem contacting now.

So anyways, I tried buying a bike last week but turns out they had to special order a bike for me because I was too big for any of them in the store. Hopefully I get that bike by the end of this week. Bike dendo would be a lot more easier because we can cover more space in less time. Walking around the same area all the time sometimes get a bit hard at times...

I gotta go now but I hope everything is going well back at home! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine! I'll try to send you a letter by tomorrow but it'll take about a week to get there.

Love you guys! Except Rupert. I hate you,

Elder Saito

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