Monday, March 12, 2012


Hey family,
How art thou beloved family? I see your emails are now progressively getting more and more trunky with all this talk about the "afterlife", I guess that is just proof that I`m becoming an older missionary. Well, happy birthday to me! I`ve now become a transfer 14 missionary, a true medal of honor I would say.
Anyways, to answer your question Mother, I would be delighted to go to Hokkaido with you guys after my mission. I`m in no rush to go home so we can stay in Japan for as long as you would like. Plus, I can go out streeting or housing on my own while you guys are in the onsen so no worries. I`ve always wanted to see how dendo is in an area other than the Kansai region or Shikoku so I think it`ll be a good experience for me.
Oh yes, well here it is. The big transfer 14. A truely awkward time for a missionary because he still has a lot of time left on his mission but it seems too short of a time span to himself. But I try not to think about it. There is still a lot need to get done on my mission so I can`t waste time thinking about unnecessary things. So I have another transfer in Toyooka to get the work moving faster! Hopefully this transfer we`ll be able to get to work since things have finally started to settle down over here. But there`s gonna be a lot of training I need to get going in the zone as well since I am now officially the oldest missionary over here. Goodness the mission suddenly got younger with this transfer! Well, I`m going to be training a new, young zone leader named Elder Day this transfer. I`m pretty excited because young guns always have faith and a good sense of urgency for the work.
Well, this week was pretty hectic having to run around places doing trainings, emergency kokans and such. I think we spent a grand total of nine hours of riding on a train this past week, but it was good because I had a lot of time to read the Doctrine and Covenants. I need to finish that thing before my time is up! Anyways, I`m kind of bummed that Elder Hasegawa is already going home. I think we needed at least one more transfer together to really get things going here because we literally didn`t have time to dendo but oh well, no point in moping. He`s gonna be a great member over yonder in Tochigi as Brother Hasegawa.
Its finally starting to look like Spring over here...kind of. It snowed yesterday and a little bit today but I think this will be the last of it. I can`t wait to get into my shortsleeve shirt and work! This suit is making me look like someone in the Yakuza.
Anyways, I gotta go. We need to go meet somebody in prison today! Love you guys bunch!!! Have an awesome week okay family?!
Mucho amor,
Elder Saito

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