Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I got lazy...sorry

Hey Hey Hey,

Herro, how are you family? It looks like you guys had a sweet Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Thanks for sending me those pictures Dad! Mom looks like Yoko Ono and it looks like Selena drew on her eyebrows...but other than that, Richard and Dad look exactly the same. Its good to see the family is doing awesome. So, looks like Richard and Selena were lucky when they were Black Friday-ing again I see. It seems that somehow Richard is always lucky when it comes to video games. Wow, I can`t believe its almost December already. This will be the first Christmas away from home...I think. Do you guys have any plans for Christmas break? Oh and for a Christmas present...lets see maybe a tie or something will do. Oh, or you could get me some electric shaver at TJ Maxx or something. That would be greatly appreciated too. What about you guys? Do you have any requests of things you want from Japan?

How is everyone? Oh, has Ilikea gotten any of my last two letters? The one with a drawing of a cat? She mails me things like Gospel supplies and stuff but I haven`t gotten an actual letter, like things that are going on in her life etc, for about a month. I have a feeling that none of my letters that I`ve sent to people have actually made it to their destination. I mean, I sent you guys, Bishop Edgington, and a few other friends a letter too. Well, its probably because I used weird envelopes from 100yen shop. Those probably never make it to America. Or everyone just hates me. Could be both.

Well anyways, it looks like its been snowing quite a lot this past week in Provo. It still hasn`t gotten super cold over here yet, nor have we had any rain or snow. Its really annoying weather. When the sun is shining, its hot, but when the sun goes down or we`re in the shadows, it turns freezing. Dang you Osaka and your weather.

Things are going by so quickly over here. My second transfer is almost already over! My trainer is going home in about a week or two...which seems crazy to him. I`ll already be in my third transfer! fdashklfdsahfkla I can`t believe how fast its going. BUT, awkwardly, I feel as if I`ve been here in Okamachi forever. Its like I`ve been going to church with everybody in this ward and roaming around Toyonaka for a long time...which I haven`t. Its really an interesting feeling. It`ll probably go away once I transfer though. Anyways, you know you do a lot of dendo once you start dreaming about missionary work. I sometimes have dreams where I`m contacting people and trying to set up appointments...or it could`ve not been a dream and my life is just turning into a blur...Well, our investigators are doing pretty good. I mean there`s the up`s and down`s but thats just dendo. You just learn how to deal with it and be optimistic. The good news is that these past few weeks, finding has gotten better. We really need to start refilling our investigator pool because a few of our investigators are at that "spiritual standstill" and are not really progressing. For those investigators, we just need to be patient and help them progress with the help of the members. The statement "patience is a virtue" means so much more when you`re out in the field. Some of our investigators have really legitimate testimonies but unfortunately, have a few commitment problems. Two of our yakusokusha`s have told us that they believe that the Book of Mormon is true and that Jesus is their Savior, but feel that it isn`t their "time" to get baptized. I swear it feels like your insides are exploding when an investigator tells you a few days before their baptism that they don`t feel ready and they want to postpone it. Just being patient at that time is tuff...Its hard to understand the balance between them really not being ready and the adversery working against us. I just want to yell at that point, throw a Book of Mormon at them and say "you`re more than ready!" But of course I would never do that, because I dont really know their situation and I have no right to judge. Maybe all of this is the Lord just trying to teach me a lesson on patience. It will come in time though. All I can do at this point is show love and support the investigators while helping them understand the importance of baptism more clearly.

Well anyways, I`m too lazy to type more.Hope ya`ll are doing good good. I hope that work is fabulos for you guys and that you`re all just enjoying life as much as I am. Okay, talk to you in a week! OKBYE.

Love ya guys,
Elder Saito

PS. I still hate you Rupert.

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