Monday, December 6, 2010


Hellooooo parents,

OH MY GOSH! RYAN`S GOING TO JAPAN! Ah, I`m so happy for him! Tell him that we`ll be super Japanese once we both get back. Peace signs forever! So, if he goes in this January, he might have some of my old teachers like Bro. Christensen or Bradley. I can`t believe he`s going to Japan though! He`s going to love his mission, I promise that.

So, how`s the family doing? I see all that Christmas shopping is going good. Thanks for getting me that electric shaver by the way! I`m super excited to get it...which is odd. You know you`re getting old once you start getting excited for electric shavers for Christmas presents...but anyways. I was going to send you pictures that I took when I was over in Osaka Shinai...but unfortunately I forgot the usb cord. El sorryo. I`ll try to remember to bring it next week.

Sweet, I was just going to ask for the Obachans addresses. I`m kinda embarrassed to write them in Japanese though...but I shall try. I probably won`t be able to write them until next week though but I promise I`ll try writing them before Christmas. ......... Can you believe my calculator watch broke on me? Failure.

Anyways, things have gone awesome this week. This was the last week with my trainer and I`ll be getting the transfer calls tomorrow. I`m almost guaranteed to stay in Okamachi so its more of "who`s going to be my new companion?" Can you believe that its my third transfer already? Wow. Well, this week we went to a Bless4 concert in our area. I guess they`re a pretty big band here in Japan and have a lot of songs in commercials and stuff. Don`t worry, we`re not wampsacks, (wampaku) this concert was chanto (this is what happens when you start forgetting English) run by the church. All the band members are lds! A funny thing was that we were supposed to give some tickets to our investigators but none of ours could go because of work and stuff. So we went around the eki, 15 min before the concert, and found three kids smoking by the eki. Some how we got them to come to the concert with us! We couldn`t get them to become investigators but it was still awesome.. Okay this story isn`t as cool when I type it, but I promise it was an amazing experience and we were super blessed.

Lets see...our investigators are still...well, investigating. Its going to be hard once my trainer leaves though because I`ll be the one in charge to stay in contact with all of them but I think I`ll be fine. Hopefully we can see a baptism before the end of the year! President really wants every area to see at least one before it ends. Well, I`ll just work as hard as
I can and trust in the Lord. I`m sure every area can see a baptism!

Well, I gotta go. Hope you guys are doing fantabulous! Can`t wait to hear from you guys again!

Love ya,
Elder Saito

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