Monday, November 1, 2010

11/1/10 Spanish Speaking???

Hey Mom and Dad!

Hey, hey, you, you, I don`t like your cat. How are you my famiry? Did you have a little get together AND eat sushi without me? That`s lame. But it`s okay though...because seafood is supahcheap over here! You can get 10 tarakos for about 800 yen and a huge fish for 500 in the super over here. Well, lately the weather has gotten pretty cold here. The temperature dropped significantly around Tuesday so we had to bust out our sweaters and Hitler overcoats. The day before yesterday there was a typhoon warning but nothing really happened. Yesterday, it rained quite a bit though but nothing too bad. I heard it gets pretty cold over here in Osaka so I shall prepare myself by eating and having my fat protect me throughout the winter.

So this week has been pretty hard...ish. As you may have known, Okamoto was supposed to be baptized this past Sunday...but unfortunately things got really complicated on the day before his interview. Well, we had one of our ward member doseki with us in the lesson. We figured out that he knew the doctrine picture perfectly but didn`t have a testimony of his own. The situation is so much more complicated but I feel that I shouldn`t go into detail. So I wont. But just know that things went up and down from there. As of now, I`ll just tell you whether or not he gets baptized. For this week, all we can do is show him that we love him and that this baptism is not for us but for his own well being. Well, if he doesn`t get baptized now at least he`ll be ready for the next time he has a chance to listen to the Gospel.

Other than that...this week has been pretty amazing. We`ve seen so many other little miracles! We were able to get two new yakusokushas throughout the week. Also, we got a new missionary who just transferred in named Elder Johnson. He`s a really awesome missionary who`s half Japanese and...well half rest of the world. He`s like Alisha...but a guy. He`s an amazing asset to the district and I think this transfer is going to be a success with him here. This week we also had a Prep Mission class that the stake and put on. I was set up with a threesome and we dendoed in Ibaraki. One of the members I worked with named Senba who was a return missionary from Sapporo and was an AP for 7 months of his mission. This guy is a stud! I`ve never seen someone have such dendo fire! While we were dendoing he literally talked to EVERYONE on the street. He even stopped people who were driving by on scooters! Absolutely fearless. I guess in Sapporo he was in a pretty inaka area so he would sprint to people if he saw them. He taught me a bunch of tips and shared inspirational mission stories. He taught me that we have a huge responsibility to spread the Gospel to everyone we can. We are responsible for everyone`s salvation who walks past us. I swear one day, I want to be as an amazing missionary as he is. After our mission prep class, he gave me one of his favorite ties and wrote on the back Love is Motion. It really is isn`t it? Love is not just going through the motions, but the action itself. After seeing his example, I keshinned to talk to everyone I can to fulfill my responsibility and purpose as a missionary.

Well, this week has been tuff but we`ve definitely been supahblessed. I`m not dead yet so now worries about me. Hope everything is going well back at home! Tell Rupert he should eat more beef jerky! Haha Peace!

Elder Saito

Well can I also onegai you to send me my spanish verb conjugation chart sheet, { I might be transferred to the Spanish speaking area says President. It should be in my desk or something} pictures of the family and me playing football to show ward members.

Elder Saito

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