Monday, October 25, 2010


Herro Mom and Dad,
HI! Um, unfortunately I don't have much time to write emails today. I spent most of my P-day making Navajo tacos and playing board games with the other Elders...but I shall hurry. But before I start, how are you guys? I see you guys went down to Las Vegas without me huh? It clearly looks like it wasn't fun at all. Probably because I wasn't there. I didn't know that they made a bridge near the Hoover well now I know and knowing is half the battle.

Ah there was so much that went on this week! First of all, I've now finished my first full transfer. Can you believe how fast time is going? I only have 16 transfers left! NO! Its such a awkward feeling. It feels like I've been in Japan forever but at the same time it feels like time is just slipping by. I need to work hard every moment of this mission and be sure I don't come home regreting anything. {Thats from Elder Holland's talk btw. I loved that talk too. Thanks Mom.} Well anyways, I had my second interview with the President this week. Turns out that he wants Elder Hinton and I to stay for another transfer in Okamachi. This will be Elder Hinton's last transfer before he heads back home to the states so were gonna tear it up over here. As for our yakusokusha, Okamoto, we've decided to move his baptism date to the 31st of October. He's such a stud though! He has progressed spiritually throught out the past month. This past week we were able to teach the Law of Tithing. I thought this would be the one commandment he would have the most problems with and I was kind of dreading to teach it. Elder Mclaws and I taught him the commandment on a kokan and surprisingly, he had no problems with it! He understood how tithing is a test of our faith rather then a sacrifice of our money. We've now set up this weeks schedule to meet with him too. We're planned to meet with him everyday until his baptism and his interview is on Thursday! Wish him luck! I'm so excited for him and I have faith that he can pull through. Its really amazing to see how the Spirit can change people. He seems a lot brighter now and smiles more often even if his life is pretty hard. He works a lot throughout the week at some bar type thing. His schedule really sucks and he doesn't get much sleep. His work starts at 10pm and goes till 7 am so its hard to get a hold of him at times. He's a still a stud though!
Well, my Pday is coming to an end. Sorry again that this email is short. There's a bunch more I'd like to tell you but I don't have much time left. I'll try to update you on the baptism next week! Hm yeah I still have that calculator watch. It serves me perfectly fine! haha Oh and thanks for the packages you guys! That extra food was awesome! Hope you guys are doing great back in Utah. Tell Pochi and Monty I miss them...but punch Rupert in the kidneys if he goes in my room at all.
Love, Elder Saito

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