Monday, April 16, 2012


Dearest Family,

I would like to start my email by formally apologizing to you Mom and Dad. ごめんな! I completely blanked last week and forgot to thank all of you guys. Yes Mother, the suitcase did come in and I am thoroughly enjoying all the delectable treats that you spent long hours purchasing and tactfully packing. You`re the bestest Mom! I finally have stuff to eat so I gained back a kilo in the past week thanks to all of the protein bars.

Oh yes and Father, thank you for all of your hard work on applying for me as well as all the rooming jazz. Honestly, I tried not to read your last email in too much depth because I thought I would be distracted for the rest of the week. I only got three-ish months left so I`m trying my best to cut myself off from thinking of things like schooling and stuff, but I guess it is inevitable to put at least some thought into it. As for my schedule...honestly, it looks like a load but I`m always up for a challenge. Hopefully, things I learned on my mission and the Lord`s grace and mercy will compensate for the fact that I haven`t been in school for over two years. I just want to hit the ground running after my mission so I don`t end up being a bum. Plus, I`ll be able to tweak my schedule if necessaryでしょ? でしょ?

Finally, Selena and Richard wrote me back. Good for them! They finally have fulfilled their role as family. I kid, I kid. But its good to hear that they`re doing well up there in the Lake of Salt. I see there`s a new addition to the family too. A cat with HIV huh...well, I guess it just fits in perfectly with that family.

Well, another week has gone by. I mean, its already the the final week of the transfer! I can`t believe it...I`ve had a lot of mixed feelings running through my head lately. I pretty much decide what will happen with the rest of my mission tomorrow in my interview with President Zinke. I feel like I`ve learned a lot about myself and this work within my time here in Toyooka. I don`t think I`ve ever felt as...small in a while, but at the same time I`ve never learned so much about Christ and about His attributes or Atonement before. Like in Ether 12:27, as man comes closer to the to the Lord, his weaknesses will be shown and those weaknesses are given to men so they can be humble. After men humble themselves before the Lord and exercise faith, that`s when the miracle of weaknesses becoming strengths happens. A year and nine months out and I still have a lot to learn on my mission. But I`m way excited to grow and become stronger with the time that I have left!

As for our two baptismal candidates, we will probably have to reset their dates. I feel like I`ve done everything to get them on their date...but we just can`t get everything in on time. There`s no point in trying to force things down these people`s throats just so we can get a baptism in. I need to have a larger view of missionary work and help them understand the doctrine of the gospel and have them feel the spirit so they can truly convert. Everything has their time and their season. I just need to do absolutely everything that I can within my circle influence and leave rest of it up to the Lord. But the good news is that our thirteen year old investigator is going back to school! She`s even started to get involved in tennis as well. I`m so glad that she`s back on track with her future but she needs the gospel as well.

Well, short sleeves T`s are in now. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Spring time is the season of change. Like an old investigator in Iwade told me a year ago, the old will become new and there will be new friends and experiences laying in front of me. I`m way excited! Aight, thanks for being the best family ever. I honestly owe it all to you guys! アザイス!


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