Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Dear Family,

Uh...I don`t think you could`ve made me feel any grosser about myself then by bombarding me with flight itinerary and pictures of my new apartment. Thank you family, thank you. But I guess I can`t really run from reality any longer, my mission is coming to an end and there is nothing I can do about it other than work hard with the time I have left and preparing for the next step in my life. Well, there is a time and a season for everything I suppose.

Dad, thanks for working everything out with the apartments. It looks like a way awesome place! Oh yes, and for my classes...I forgot what I wrote in my packet but I do feel like I didn`t write any Japanese classes in there. BE SURE TO GET ME INTO A JAPANESE CLASS FOR FALL SEMESTER. I guess I do have to take a placement test first but whatever, we`ll figure that out later. I want 16 credits worth of As! My GPA needs it so bad right now since I failed at life my freshman year. Okay? Okay. And yes, I`ll be sure to jump onto Nuskin ASAP once I get home. It`ll probably be one of the first things I do cause I don`t want to end up being a lazy bum after I get back. Oh yeah, and if you can, could you write out the schedule for my fall semester for me? 頼むぜ!
Oh my goodness, its April. I realized that it was General Conference week during church when they told us that we would be watching it this Saturday and Sunday. Dude, I almost had a heart attack. I can`t believe that this is going to be my last session of the big GC on my mission! Ah I just want to crawl into the fetal position and cry in some corner. Its all coming at me too quickly...
Anyways, that's me whining like usual. But I`m way excited for the rest of my mission though! Our 13 year old sweetheart is being awesome as usual. She`s way excited for her baptism this month but we`re not 100% sure whats going to happen because she`s gonna get surgery this week so we don`t have too many teaching opportunities. But the Lord shall provide, I know it! It just takes effort and a willing heart to see miracles! Please, please, please pray for her okay? Oh yes, and the investigator we had come to church last week? Yeah, she`s the bombdotcom as well! I`ve never seen anyone who`s so purely interested in learning about Jesus Christ and His gospel. I`m telling you, you work hard in the Lord`s vineyard and He will provide you with the elect. Diligent work won`t always yield immediate results, but I`ve come to learn firsthand that the Lord watches our thoughts and actions closely and will reward us respectively according to His own timetable. Oh the work, how wonderful it is! Oh yes, we even had a special AP kokan where Elder Burns came up to Toyooka and we had a teaching experience with her!
Okay, crazy story of the week. This is probably taboo that I`m even writing this but it was so intense I figured that I should. Two weeks ago, Elder Day and I were housing this certain area in Toyooka. We were working so hard, running to each house and putting all of our hearts into each contact but it seemed like the people of that area were just too hardened for the Spirit to testify truth. We testified our hearts out about the importance of families and seeing the importance of looking forward and not just about the things that are infront of us, but still no one would listen. Saddened, but not discouraged by the choices of our brothers and sisters in that area, we left to our house to end the day. Two days later, Elder Day and I were housing on the other side of the river when we heard a huge siren go off through out the town. I thought it was another tsunami warning but I listened to the announcement and heard that there was a fire. We looked around the area and saw a huge pillar of smoke rising from the other side of the river. Elder Day and I immediately grabbed our bikes and started heading towards the smoke. (yes, probably a bad idea) Anyways, we got to river and when we looked to the other side, we say a large pillar of smoke and a fire consuming two to three houses. As rode closer we were horrified by the realization that the houses that were on fire were the ones that we had housed two days earlier. We could see the exact door that we knocked on consumed in the fire and after a while the whole house collapsed. In the end, a large portion of the neighborhood we housed burned down but the fire department was able to control it. I don`t really know what to say about this experience...other than I do hope that nobody was injured at all in the incident. Its just...interesting. I just feel like I accidently pulled something off that a missionary in D&C would`ve done.

Anyways, that is all. I must go now. This week is going to be extremely busy since I have to run to Kobe, Fukuchiyama and Nishiwaki all in one week. Hopefully my body keeps up with me! But I`m stoked to learn a bunch at GC! Thanks for everything, you guys are the best!!! Have a great week okay?
Con Mucho Amor,
Don Saito

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