Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hey hey hey,
How are you guys? Thanks for the email!!!
So, let me start this email off with a crazy experience I had earlier this week. Well, if you look at the pictures I send to you guys first it may ruin it...but whatever. It was just Monday when I had received a package from a certain man by the name of Jordan Burns. I was excited, mainly because I love letters, packages, etc, but that's beyond the point. Well, within the package was a large blue scarf and a letter on a single piece of paper. I was already pretty stoked at that point because it was a good lookin` scarf and its starting to get cold up here in Kobe, but there was something quite peculiar about this certain scarf. I couldn`t figure it out but it just looked pretty...whats the word, antique? So, I just went ahead and read the letter...which led to my mind being blown. So, Jordan wrote to me that he had watched the last general conferenced and was very moved by the talk Elder Yamashita had given about "my father`s coat." He decided to send me a very special scarf that he had received from a little 17 year old girl named Mizuno Yasuko who lived in Nagoya, Japan during the winter of 1975. Yup Mom, you got that right, that 17 year old girl is you! Isn`t that crazy?! So, 35 somewhat years later...that exact same scarf is now being used by the son of the the little girl who made it herself on his mission. I`m tellin` you, there is no coincidence of this happening. This is purely the tender mercies of the Lord being made known to us! I mean, how else could something like this happenでしょ? Yeah, that's my crazy experience of the week! (Jordan Burns was my mom's family missionary)
Yup, then after that we went to Luminaria...which is the special lights thingy that commemorates the lives lost in the Kobe earthquake 20ish years ago. Twas beautiful.
Yeah, so things are going crazy over here in Kobe. Extremely busy...but that's life you know? Well, ready for more good news? Brother Yoshida passed his interview on Thursday and now he`ll be going through this Sunday! This kid...is the best! I swear, every one of his lessons is just full of the Spirit. There is nothing better than an investigator who doesn`t understand everything but is craving to know more. I mean, he`s tearing apart the Book of Mormon right now. He`s already almost half way through Alma and he started reading seriously just a few weeks ago! Its so great to have investigators who turn to prayer and the Book of Mormon instead of missionaries when they`re faced with challenges or have questions of the soul. That's what leads to lasting conversion I`m tellin` you. But, just because he passed his interview doesn`t mean we can take our guard off. I think this is the time that we need to strengthen him the most, cause you know all them adversity and temptations will be goin at him. But, I think a consistent prayer in the heart and the Book of Mormon will help him out a lot. I also had a big impression to share with him Lehi`s vision about the tree of life this last lesson we had with him, and I think it fit perfectly!
Well, please continue praying for him okay? It`s almost Christmas you guys!!! 早いね! Oh yeah...and what`s up with Spohr being engaged?!?! I am going to DESTROY him if he gets married before I get back! Ah, why is everyone getting married without me there? Whatever, whatever.
Anyways, I go now. Hope ya`ll are doing awesome! Can`t wait to hear back from you soon!
Elder Saito

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