Friday, June 10, 2011

Rex is a bum for being lazy. It must run in the family.


Hey! You actually emailed me for once!

Too bad I'm in the honbu and is wayyyyy too lazy to email.

But I'll write you cause I love ya!

Sounds like your internship is treating you way awesome! I'm so glad to hear that. Are you still tearing it up with a hard hat and yellow vest? So what exactly are you doing in your internship...building a psych ward or something? Thats awesome!!!

Things have been so busy lately...time is flying past so darn quickly! We've been running back and forth out of Takamatsu. Last week we only had two days to dendo in our area because we had been running around Okayama. Now this week we're going to be in Kobe for the next twoish days...hopefully we'll be able to get back soon and start dendoing! Speaking of is way good. We should have two baptisms going through this up coming Sunday. Hamada kyodai and Yoshida shimai are literally the most amazing people ever! Hamada kyodai is such a stud! Just hearing his pure testimony about how he went from not believng in a god and how he came to accept Jesus Christ just makes me realize that there are prepared people out there! AHFDFDSALKJDSA dendo is so amazing!

Well...I need to go and prepare for the zone leader council. I'll try to write more...eventually.

I LOVE YOU SIS! ganbaate!


Elder Saito

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