Thursday, June 2, 2011



So good to hear from you guys! Things are way crazy right now aren`t they? bahaha

How is my favorite family doing? I can`t believe you guys are already heading out to your Europe trip! I swear you were just barely planning that trip up a few days ago. Lets the next email I get from you guys should be from Italy or Spain right? And if I don`t happen to get an email from you guys for months its because there`s no internet connection right?...right? Its not like you guys aren`t busy having too much fun to email me back right? bahah jk. If you can`t send me emails its aight. Just be sure to atleast send some pictures to me okay?

Yeah, so Selena is starting her Bob the Builder job up already huh? Thats awesome! I wonder how the job is going to be like. She has to go around wearing boots and a hard hat right? My companion and I were joking on how funny she would look in a hard hat. A tiny, little asian girl yelling at huge construction works...haha. Anyways, Selena write me a letter or an email for once you fool! You only have one sibling to write to, it can`t be that hard!

Anyways, this week was way crazy. Taifuus, transfers, new companion and awesome investigators! So, yet another transfer period has come to pass...and I am a stay at Takamatsu again! But can you believe it? Its already the big 7th transfer...I feel all gross and old because my year mark is quickly coming around the corner. I swear...I`m going to end up being one of those missionaries who are in denial once their two year mark comes up! Haha but its all good because even if that day comes, I`m still living it all up right now! YESSSSSSS...

Yeah, so my new companion is named Elder Bennion. He`s a bit older missionary...I think transfer 14 or something...but he is a STUD! Its way fun because this is his first time being a zone leader and I`m training him this transfer! Its going to be a party! Oh, and its even better because he used to be companions with Elder Burns! I love Elder Burns! Oh and Elder Burns also turned Zone Leader this transfer over in Tooyoka, what a studmuffin yeah?! Okay so back onto the subject. He`s a happa Japanese-American from Seattle. Way good missionary too! We`re going to see so many miracles this transfer!

Oh and speaking about mircales, Takamatsu is so blessed! We may be able to see a double baptism on the 12th! Both Yoshida and Hamada are amazing people. I love them so much! Hamada Kyodai is such a stud. Like...I can`t even explain how much faith this man has! He was able to talk with his parents about being baptized this past week and they gave him the green light! We`re good to go for the 12th! All we need to do from here is continue strengthening his testimony and help prepare him for the baptismal interview. It was way awesome too because this past Sunday he came to chruch and told us he was fasting. We didn`t even ask him to do one yet! Man, I love this guy so much! When the Lord tells us there are elect out there...He means it! Seeing these two baptisms would help the Takamatsu branch out so much. It`ll help boost the members faith so much and help the branch become stronger! GANBARUZO!!!

I need you guys to do me a huge favor and pray for Hamada kyodai and Yoshida shimai as well as our other investigators. Dendo is changing in Japan! I don`t know how to explain it...but the vision of missionary work in Japan is starting to evolve. Its such a blessing to be able to serve right in Japan right now, right where all of this change is occuring! Ah man...missionary work is so amazing!

Well...things are going great! Life is way good! Hope you guys safely make it over to Europe! LOVEYOUVERYMUCH!

Good day,

Elder Saito

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