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Hey hey hey, how are you guys? You guys are sounding super genki so I`m happy! From the pictures dad sent to me it looks like its still snowing a bunch over there in Utah. We`ve had some snow over here periodically but it never sticks...its still gets pretty freezing cold though. How is everything else back at home? UVU and BYU are off their winter breaks now yeah? Has there been anything new thats happened lately? So whats this I hear about you guys being the Asian ward missionaries at BYU? You guys gonna get some dendo experience going on! Don`t worry, you guys are going to love it so much. Oh yeah, and I forgot you guys are going to Spain this summer weren`t you? Thats so crazy, what exactly do you have planned to do over there again?

Okay, so for all the questions you clearly highlighted bright red in my email. Number 1. Yes, my jacket is perfectly warm. Don`t worry about buying me another one. 2. I will probably be transfering on the 20th. 3. The backpack I found was online. I don`t remember where but seek and Ryan shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto him.

Oh, tell Akemichan thank you so much for the package. i was going to write a thank you letter...but I realized I threw away her box and dont have her address. Oh and the Hasegawas too...tell them thanks for the Mcdonald bucks! I dont have their address either.

Anyways, this week has been great. Dendo has finally kicked back into motion because people are coming out of their Oshogatsu hibernations! This week we were supah blessed by being able to find a bunch of new investigators. We desperately needed to refill our finding/teaching funnel because our teaching pool was kinda short. BUT, with the new year, I feel things are definitely getting better. I have a good feeling that our progressing investigators will be baptized for sure. We have a few guys that are so close, SO CLOSE!!! but there`s a few things that are holding them back from baptism. We`re really trying our best to help them strengthen their faith while inviting them to come unto Christ. But we just need to be patient and trust that the Lord has our back. Everythings going to be alright.

Well, anywho, this week we had interviews with President McIntyre. It was good to talk with him one on one about dendo and how things are going. Its been about two months since the last time we had an interview so I had more questions to ask him. So, I`m probably going to be transferred out of Okamachi by next next week. Its a bitter sweet feeling though. I really love Okamachi and I know that our investigators are close to baptism...but at the same time I`m ready for a change and see more of the Kobe misison. I wonder where I`m going to go next...hopefully in some little inaka area so I have to work my brains out. I don`t care where I go though, it`ll be a good experience no matter what. Oh, and President told me that I could very well be training next transfer. What a crazy thought...I`m so far into my mission already that I could be training...AH! It goes by so fast. Yesterday during chruch, I realized that I`ve been on my mission for 6 months already and almost started freaking out. I swear if my mission goes by as fast as my last few months have gone...I`ll cry. But a manly cry...

Anyways...I`ve been super busy lately. My emails probably dont make sense because I`m too lazy/busy to proof read them...and now I have to wrap things up because i need to go shopping. Sorry its short, but I want you guys to know that I love ya and that I`m loving dendo so much! Hope you guys are doing awesome!

Mucho amor,
Elder SAITO!!!

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